Benefits of CPOA Cert

The Product Ownership Analysis Certification (CPOA) programme recognizes the combination of Business Analysis and Product Ownership, as well as an Agile mentality, in order to maximize value. In this blog, we will describe in depth information abut IIBA CPOA Certification.
  1. What is CPOA Certification?
  2. CPOA Certification Benefits
  3. CPOA Target Audience
  4. CPOA Eligibility
  5. CPOA Certification Cost
  6. CPOA Certification Training
  7. CPOA Exam Pattern
  8. Steps to prepare for CPOA certification
  9. CPOA Recertification 

What is CPOA Certification?

Certified Product Ownership Analysis is the first certification from IIBA regarding Product Ownership.

The CPOA program gives students the opportunity to learn key concepts for creating successful products. Product Ownership Analysis (POA) is a discipline that has been investigated and analyzed and has a set of methods, processes, and procedures for achieving effective results. POA entails the application of specific procedures as well as the development of important competencies, and it gives the framework, tools, techniques, approaches, and basic Agile values to Product Owners, Proxy Product Owners, and team members.

Product Ownership Analysis (POA) is a discipline that consists of a set of techniques, processes, and procedures that help teams build and deliver excellent goods and services for their customers and stakeholders, using tried-and-true practices from a variety of disciplines.

CPOA Certification Benefits

  • CPOA certificate programme gives professionals the opportunity to learn key principles that will help them manage the hurdles of designing successful products.
  • By acquiring core POA abilities, this certificate assists professionals who work as product owners, support product owners in their job, execute product ownership related activities, or are considering product ownership as a career route to reach their goals.
  • CPOA Certificate holders will obtain tactical skills to improve product development processes armed with knowledge of important tools and methodologies such as product roadmaps, value stream mapping, user story mapping, minimum viable product, and story decomposition.
  • Integrating product ownership and business analysis
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities in product management
  • Applying Agile and product ownership analysis

Target Audience

CPOA examination targets the following audience:

  • Work as Business Analysis Professionals
  • Support Product Owners in their work
  • Execute Product Ownership related work
  • Those considering a Product Owner career path
  • Work as Product owners


  • A Signed Code of Conduct with IIBA
  • Pass the CPOA exam.



CPOA Certification Cost

For members, the exam fee is $250 for IIBA members.

For non-members, the exam fee is $389.

For Corporate members, it is $210.

You may also wish to become an IIBA member, which costs $139 in much of North America and Europe, and less in many developing nations. IIBA members get a $125 discount on exam fees, as well as several other benefits.

CPOA Certification Training

IIBA has authorized training institutes such as Adaptive US to teach CPOA courses. From IIBA’s list of endorsed education providers (popularly known as EEPs); you can see a list of nearby or online training courses and upcoming exam prep opportunities. These courses generally align to the exam syllabus and based on the CPOA Exam Guide.

CPOA Certification Exam Pattern

CPOA certification is based on the following pattern:

  1. 60 multiple-choice questions
  2. Knowledge-based questions
  3. The exam is of 1.5 hours duration


Steps to prepare for CPOA Exam

Steps to become a successful CPOA in less than 3 months

  1. Take IIBA approved training on CPOA (Week 1 to 4)
  2. Study CPOA Study Guide and Practice CPOA questions (Week 2 to 8)
  3. Get your application approved (Week 6)
  4. Take the CPOA test and be a proud CPOA (Week 10) 


CPOA Recertification

CPOA does not require recertification.