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CBAP Certification Training

100% Success or 100% Refund. That's our Promise.

550+ Successful CBAPs. #1 in IIBA Training.

40 Hours of Live Training, 35 IIBA PD Hours, 2300+ Prep Questions, 6 Simulations, Study Guide, Flashcards, Audio Books, 3 IIBA Exam Attempts. Training by BABOK Authors.

Live Virtual, Private and On-premise training in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Welcome to World's #1 CBAP Training Institute

100% Success in CBAP.


580+ Successful CBAPs.

Get 50 Free CBAP Mock Questions

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FREE 50 CBAP Exam Mock Questions

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CBAP Certification Training


Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification Training equips senior business analysis professionals to lead challenging assignments and solve complex business problems with confidence. CBAP certification holders earn up to 59% more as per IIBA Salary Survey.

With Adaptive's 100% Success or 100% Refund CBAP Training, we support you till you are a proud CBAP. Be a proud CBAP - Certified Business Analysis Professional with Adaptive's CBAP Course.

CBAP Certification Course Deliverables 

100% Success CBAP Training

We share your success and failure. Follow our recommended approach and we have you covered with our success and moneyback guarantees.

IIBA approved courseware

Downloadable BABoK based CBAP study guide, workbook, BABoK mind maps, glossary, study tables, faculty presentations etc.

BABoK V3 based CBAP Study Guide

Compact CBAP Study Guide with BABoK essentials to ace the CBAP exam - save up to 40% of your preparation time!

Make learning fun with CBAP Flashcards

Adaptive CBAP Flashcards are structured as per the BABoK knowledge areas and are a fun way to learn and test the terminologies of BABoK®.

File IIBA application confidently

Get access to CBAP Application simulator fully aligned to IIBA CBAP requirements and get your application approved in the first go!

44 hrs of Live CBAP Training

Aligned to BABoK V3. Comes with 35 IIBA PD hours/CDUs, 8 sessions of 4 hrs each + live 1 hr fortnightly exam prep tutorials for 6 months.   

Revisit what you learned

Adaptive offers CBAP live class recordings. Watch anytime, anywhere and refresh concepts as you prepare.

10+ hours of CBAP Video Learning

Adaptive’s Learning Portal has 100+ short e-learning modules covering BABoK tasks and techniques that are compatible with all devices.

Learn on the go with CBAP Audiobooks!

Structured as per BABoK® Knowledge Areas, Adaptive CBAP Audiobooks are a great resource to learn and refresh concepts on the go.

Access to faculty presentation

Downloadable instructor presentations in the form of handouts to take notes during the class, revise and reinforce the concepts taught!

2300+ CBAP Practice Questions

Chapter end CBAP practice questions & 6 full-length CBAP simulations (120 Q each) with answer explanation.

Adaptive LMS offers you more

One stop solution to all your learning needs. This program comes with 180+ days to Adaptive's Comprehensive LMS.

Live Exam Prep Tutorials for 6 months

Sit for the exam confidently by attending 12 fortnightly exam prep tutorials post training & clarifying all your queries with the faculty.

CBAP Exam Tips and Prep Plan

Get a week wise detailed exam prep plan on achieving the CBAP certification in 12 weeks with 100+ CBAP exam tips to approach the exam.

We support you till you Succeed

Our 1st Attempt Success Rate is 97%+.Our success guarantee & expert team is here to support you till you become CBAP certified.

No Credit Card Required


Training Options




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  • 2300+ questions
  • 6 simulations
  • 100+ e-Learning Videos
  • CBAP Study guide
  • Application Simulator
  • Mind maps, Audiobooks, Flashcards
  • Prep Plan, Tips
  • Past Session Recordings
  • 6 months access

(100% Success or 100% Refund)



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  • Everything in Self paced learning +
  • 100% Success or 100% Refund Guarantee - 2 CBAP retake fees totaling to $590
  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee if you don't succeed with us within a year after 3 attempts
  • 35 IIBA PD Hours
  • 12 hours live faculty guidance / office hours (2 hours per month * 6 months) 
  • Application Filing Support
  • Doubts Discussion Board

(100% Success or 100% Refund)



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  • Everything in Guided learning +
  • 32 hours of expert led live online BABoK coaching
  • 12 hours of additional live faculty guidance / office hours (2 hours per month * 6 months)*
  • 1 business day priority support*







*Weekday Master Class @ $2695 $2395

Upcoming CBAP Instructor-Led Live Sessions Program Schedule

For corporate group training, please send your request to

USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, India

9 AM to 1 PM ET (New York Time)

(Apply Coupon "SAVE300" for $300 OFF - Limited coupons only)

Starts 12th Mar 2022 12-Mar (Sat) - 9:00 AM
13-Mar (Sun) - 9:00 AM
19-Mar (Sat) - 9:00 AM
20-Mar (Sun) - 9:00 AM
23-Apr (Sat) - 9:00 AM
24-Apr (Sun) - 9:00 AM
30-Apr (Sat) - 9:00 AM
01-May (Sun) - 9:00 AM

Sat and Sun

(9 AM - 1 PM ET)

USD 1249 949

Seats filling fast

Starts 9th Apr 2022 09-Apr (Sat) - 9:00 AM
10-Apr (Sun) - 9:00 AM
16-Apr (Sat) - 9:00 AM
17-Apr (Sun) - 9:00 AM
23-Apr (Sat) - 9:00 AM
24-Apr (Sun) - 9:00 AM
30-Apr (Sat) - 9:00 AM
01-May (Sun) - 9:00 AM

Sat and Sun

(9 AM – 1 PM ET)

USD 1249 949

Seats filling fast


Starts 26th Apr 2022 26-Apr (Tue) - 9:00 AM
27-Apr (Wed) - 9:00 AM
28-Apr (Thu) - 9:00 AM
29-Apr (Fri) - 9:00 AM
03-May (Tue) - 9:00 AM
04-May (Wed) - 9:00 AM
05-May (Thu) - 9:00 AM
06-May (Fri) - 9:00 AM

Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

(9:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET)

USD 2695 2395

Seats filling fast

Starts 14th May 2022 14-May (Sat) - 9:00 AM
15-May (Sun) - 9:00 AM
21-May (Sat) - 9:00 AM
22-May (Sun) - 9:00 AM
25-Jun (Sat) - 9:00 AM
26-Jun (Sun) - 9:00 AM
02-Jul (Sat) - 9:00 AM
03-Jul (Sun) - 9:00 AM

Sat and Sun

(9 AM – 1 PM ET)

USD 1249 949



12 Live Exam Prep Tutorials over the next 6 months

View Later Dates... 


USA and Canada West Coast

PT (Los Angeles Time)

(Apply Coupon "SAVE300" for $300 OFF - Limited coupons only)

Starts 11th Mar 2022 11-Mar Fri) - 7:00 PM
12-Mar (Sat) - 7:00 PM
18-Mar (Fri) - 7:00 PM
19-Mar (Sat) - 7:00 PM
25-Mar (Fri) - 7:00 PM
26-Mar (Sat) - 7:00 PM
01-Apr (Fri) - 7:00 PM
02-Apr (Sat) - 7:00 PM

Fri and Sat

(7 PM – 11 PM PT)

USD 1249 949

Seats filling fast

Starts 12th Mar 2022 12-Mar (Sat) - 6:00 AM
13-Mar (Sun) - 6:00 AM
19-Mar (Sat) - 6:00 AM
20-Mar (Sun) - 6:00 AM
23-Apr (Sat) - 6:00 AM
24-Apr (Sun) - 6:00 AM
30-Apr (Sat) - 6:00 AM
01-May (Sun) - 6:00 AM

Sat and Sun

(6 AM – 10 AM PT)

USD 1249 949

Seats filling fast

Starts 8th Apr 2022  08-Apr Fri) - 7:00 PM
09-Apr (Sat) - 7:00 PM
15-Apr (Fri) - 7:00 PM
16-Apr (Sat) - 7:00 PM
27-May (Fri) - 7:00 PM
28-May (Sat) - 7:00 PM
03-Jun (Fri) - 7:00 PM
04-Jun (Sat) - 7:00 PM

Fri and Sat

(7 PM – 11 PM PT)

USD 1249 949

Starts 9th Apr 2022 09-Apr (Sat) - 6:00 AM
10-Apr (Sun) - 6:00 AM
16-Apr (Sat) - 6:00 AM
17-Apr (Sun) - 6:00 AM
23-Apr (Sat) - 6:00 AM
24-Apr (Sun) - 6:00 AM
30-Apr (Sat) - 6:00 AM
01-May (Sun) - 6:00 AM

Sat and Sun

(6 AM – 10 AM PT)

USD 1249 949

12 Live Exam Prep Tutorials over the next 6 months

View Later Dates... 


Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka

AET (Sydney Time)

(Apply Coupon "SAVE300" for $300 OFF - Limited coupons only)

Starts 12th Mar 2022 12-Mar (Sat) - 2:00 PM
13-Mar (Sun) - 2:00 PM
19-Mar (Sat) - 1:00 PM
20-Mar (Sun) - 1:00 PM
26-Mar (Sat) - 1:00 PM
27-Mar (Sun) - 1:00 PM
02-Apr (Sat) - 1:00 PM
03-Apr (Sun) - 12:00 PM

Sat and Sun

(2 PM – 6 PM AET)

USD 1249 949

Seats filling fast

Starts 9th Apr 2022 09-Apr (Sat) - 12:00 PM
10-Apr (Sun) - 12:00 PM
16-Apr (Sat) - 12:00 PM
17-Apr (Sun) - 12:00 PM
28-May (Sat) - 12:00 PM
29-May (Sun) - 12:00 PM
04-Jun (Sat) - 12:00 PM
05-Jun (Sun) - 12:00 PM

Sat and Sun

(12 PM – 4 PM AET)

USD 1249 949

Seats filling fast

Starts 14th May 2022 14-May (Sat) - 12:00 PM
15-May (Sun) - 12:00 PM
21-May (Sat) - 12:00 PM
22-May (Sun) - 12:00 PM
28-May (Sat) - 12:00 PM
29-May (Sun) - 12:00 PM
04-Jun (Sat) - 12:00 PM
05-Jun (Sun) - 12:00 PM

Sat and Sun

(12 PM – 4 PM AET)

USD 1249 949

Starts 11th Jun 2022 11-Jun (Sat) - 12:00 PM
12-Jun (Sun) - 12:00 PM
18-Jun (Sat) - 12:00 PM
19-Jun (Sun) - 12:00 PM
23-Jul (Sat) - 12:00 PM
24-Jul (Sun) - 12:00 PM
30-Jul (Sat) - 12:00 PM
31-Jul (Sun) - 12:00 PM

Sat and Sun

(12 PM – 4 PM AET)

USD 1249 949

12 Live Exam Prep Tutorials over the next 6 months

View Later Dates... 

Please read the terms before signing up


Session Plan

Session – 1 (4 Hours Live Online Class)
  • Participant and Faculty Introductions
  • Course Intro and Test Taking Tips
  • Intro to Business Analysis
  • BABoK Key Terminologies
  • BABoK Knowledge Areas and Techniques Overview
  • Exam Prep Process
Session – 2 (4 Hour Live Online Class)

BA Planning and Monitoring

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for BA Planning
  • BA Planning and Monitoring Tasks
    • Plan BA Approach
    • Plan Stakeholder Engagement
    • Plan BA Governance
    • Plan BA Information Management
    • Identify BA Performance Improvements
  • Knowledge based questions
Session – 3 (4 Hours Live Online Class)

Elicitation and Collaboration

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for Elicitation and Collaboration
  • Elicitation and Collaboration Tasks
    • Prepare for Elicitation
    • Conduct Elicitation
    • Confirm Elicitation Results
    • Communicate BA Information
    • Manage Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Knowledge based questions
Session – 4 (4 Hour Live Online Class)

Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for RADD
  • RADD Tasks
    • Specify and model requirements
    • Verify requirements
    • Validate Requirements
    • Define Requirements architecture
    • Define Design Options
    • Analyze potential value and recommend solution
  • Knowledge based questions
Session – 5 (4 Hour Live Online Class)

Requirements life cycle management

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for Req. LCM
  • Req. LCM Tasks
    • Trace requirements
    • Maintain requirements
    • Prioritize requirements
    • Assess requirements changes
    • Approve requirements
  • Knowledge based questions
  • Techniques overview for Strategy Analysis and Soln. Eval
  • Application Filing - PD Hours Discussion
Session – 6 (4 Hour Live Online Class)

Strategy Analysis

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for Strategy Analysis
  • Strategy Tasks
    • Analyze Current State
    • Define Future State
    • Assess Risks
    • Define Change Strategy
  • How to handle scenario-based questions
Session – 7 (4 Hour Live Online Class)

Solution Evaluation

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for Solution Evaluation
  • Solution Evaluation Tasks
    • Measure solution performance
    • Analyze performance measures
    • Assess solution limitations
    • Assess enterprise limitations
    • Recommend actions to increase solution value
  • Scenario Based Questions Discussion
  • Application Filing – Work Experience + References Discussion
Session – 8 (4 Hour Live Online Class)
  • How to Attempt Case Based Questions
  • Case Based Questions Discussion
12 Exam Prep Tutorials (1 Hour Live Online Classes)
  • Concept clarification and questions discussion with faculty


Laura Paton, CBAP

Laura Paton, CBAP

Chairperson PMI PBA Authoring Team. Former Head - Product Development - IIBA. 32+ Years as BA and PM.


Victoria Cupet CBAP

Former Regional Director, IIBA Europe and Africa. BA Author. 25+ years of BA experience.


LN Mishra CBAP

Mentor to 1250+ IIBA Certified Business Analysts. 25+ years of BA experience. 


Lora McCoy CBAP

Regional Director, IIBA Central Americas. Former President – IIBA Oklahoma Chapter. 22+ years of BA experience

Real Students.

Real Transformations.

Real Stories

Real Transformations

Jonathan Lee
Program Manager

As a BA who works with Agile dev teams to deliver complex software solutions, I wanted to become better-skilled and efficient at my workplace. In addition, I had seen first-hand how a CBAP certification helps in one’s career. 

I decided to sign up for the CBAP training offered by Adaptive US. The training strengthened my understanding of BA methodologies and helped me efficiently channel and implement all of my technical skills.

I am happy to share that I got an 86% salary hike and thank Adaptive for their training.

I Got an 86% Salary Hike
Claudine Perumal
Senior Business Application Analyst

Working alongside many reputed BAs as a business application analyst I saw first-hand how a BA certification boosts one’s BA career. I decided to pursue the CBAP certification and get trained by Adaptive US.

Adaptive’s intense training strengthened my grasp of the BA methodologies and practices. I cleared my CBAP certification and got promoted to a senior Business Application Analyst post with a 40% salary hike. I feel more confident and prepared to tackle the current business environment.

I thank Adaptive US for helping me become an accomplished and skilled Business Analysis Professional.

Earned Promotion With 40% Hike
Ahmed A. Amer
Business Analysis Expert

Having worked as a business process analyst and systems analyst and working alongside many reputed BAs I saw firsthand how a BA certification can be a game-changer for one’s career. , I decided to pursue the CBAP certification from IIBA considering my work experience and the fact that it is the most sought after and recognized BA certification worldwide.

After getting certified I have managed to get a 40% salary hike. All this was possible by just mentioning that I am CBAP certified in my interview.

I feel more confident with work and thank Adaptive for giving me the best CBAP training.

Supercharged My BA Career
Gaurav Upmanyu
PLM Analyst

Working as a lead business analyst has given me ample experience and credibility in the BA profession. But I wanted to further solidify my career path with specialized knowledge and opted to pursue CBAP certification.

I want to thank Adaptive US for the mentorship and training they provided. I was able to clear CBAP in one attempt after all the guidance from Adaptive. I also bagged a new job as a PLM Analyst with a good 45% raise in salary.

Bagged new role with 45% hike
Adeshola Ayotunde, AWODELE
Business Analyst

As a business analyst, I decided to pursue CBAP certification to strengthen my profile and gain the knowledge and expertise which the certification provides.

Last year I enrolled with an IIBA EEP for training but failed to clear the CBAP exam. I was very much on the verge of giving up on my desire to become CBAP certified when a friend suggested Adaptive.

After 3 months of dedicated studies and reviews with all the videos and material on Thinkific and Suxeed, I confidently re-wrote the exam and succeeded in becoming certified. In fact, my performance was higher in all six knowledge areas, with an overall score of 87%.

I want to thank Adaptive US for their encouragement, support, and dedication in training professionals to achieve their success.

Outstanding exam performance

What is CBAP and Why You Should be a CBAP?

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) designation is the world's most acknowledged business analysis professional certification from IIBA, Canada. CBAP requires 7500 hours of business analysis experience, 900+ Hours in 4 Knowledge Areas, 35 hours of instructor-led training on Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABoK), 2 references, a signed code of conduct, and an online test spanning 3.5 hours. 

CBAP is ideal for senior business analysis professionals with 5 or more years of experience. CBAP recipients perform better at work and show more confidence at work. Currently Adaptive has helped close to 550+ BAs to achieve CBAP certification.

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