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CCBA Self-Paced Learning Course

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1750+ Successful IIBA Certifications 


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World’s #1 IIBA Exam Prep Trainer with 1750+ Successful IIBA Certifications

World’s 1st BA to successfully complete all 7 IIBA Certifications

LN has served as a member of the IIBA BA Core Standards Team and Certification Exam Committees. LN has received numerous accolades for making BABOK comprehensible with real life examples. His versatility in applying BA concepts in 100+ projects across multiple countries makes the courses very practical and enjoyable. His courses on IIBA certifications are used by large number of colleges and universities. LN is a regular speaker at IIBA webinars and conferences.

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CCBA Self-paced Learning / On-demand Course

Set your own pace of learning with Adaptive US CCBA On-demand Self Learning course. Designed by experts and distinguished professionals in the BA Domain, this product has curated BA resources specifically to aid your exam preparation and help you get CCBA certified in the very first attempt!

Trusted by professionals globally to pass their CCBA exam in the first attempt.

Get instant access to your CCBA Self Learning and start your preparations right away! 

  • IIBA Endorsed Course with 21 IIBA PD Hours
  • 1 hour live faculty guidance/office hour to clarify any questions you may have.
  • 2100+ CCBA prep questions with answer explanations - Start preparing with model questions to know what to expect in the exam and be at ease. Organized as per chapter (KA wise) and varying complexity level (concepts>fundamentals>scenarios)
  • 6 full-length CCBA simulators - Take your anxiety of the test day away and face the exam confidently with complete peace of mind
  • Mastering CCBA (BABoK Based CCBA Study Guide) - 99% content in 40% volume. Contains 250+ pages loaded with Key Terms, Techniques, Crosswords and much more
  • 1 Complete Past Training Recording (20+ hours) - Watch the experts dissecting the BABoK concepts during the live classes
  • CCBA Study Tables (30 tasks covering 6 KAs) - Snapshot of BABoK tasks for quick reference
  • 4 BABOK Tasks and Techniques Mind Maps - Illustrative representation of the tasks and techniques to recall and reinforce BABoK concepts
  • BABOK Glossary Book (KA wise) - 600+ terms - Get a sound understand of BA terms with this quick dictionary
  • BABOK Workbook - 220+ pages workbook to practice what your learnt and test your BA knowledge 
  • CCBA Flashcards (400+ covering all 6 KAs) - A fun-filled way to make you an expert on BA terms
  • CCBA Audiobooks (KA wise) - 3+ hours - Make the most of your spare/travel time with the lucid explanation of BABoK 
  • CCBA Exam Preparation Plan - Be in complete control of your timeline with this exhaustive Day/Week planner
  • CCBA Exam Preparation Tips - Ace the CCBA exam in the very first attempt with the right strategy and tips
  • CCBA Application simulator for CCBA application filing - Put all your apprehensions to rest regarding IIBA application approval
  • 100+ Learning videos based on BABoK (5-10 mins. each) - organized as per chapter and concepts – Hear the expert explain everything you need to know about BABoK!
  • 180 days access to the learning portal - Get instant access and start your preparations right away! 
  • Compatible on all devices
  • All content as per BABoK V3
  • Resources are digital copies and not downloadable
  • Multiple quizzes and simulation attempts as per fair usage policy and analysis reports

CCBA Self Learning Product is eligible for upgrade to CCBA Guided Learning and CCBA Master Class as per the upgrade policy.


I used only Adaptive US materials to prepare for my ECBA, CCBA and CBAP exams, all of which I passed on my first try. I highly recommend them if you are planning to pass your IIBA certification on the first attempt and with ease. Thank you team, you guys are amazing at your work. I wish more and more people get to know you and your great content

Amy Bretherick Gangl

Amy Bretherick Gangl


"Adaptive US is the best place for any business analysis course, the course contents and practice materials offered are concise and helps one to understand and acquire better knowledge in Business Analysis.Thank you entire team of Adaptive US. I am looking forward to apply the learnings and progress higher & for the next level of certifications also."

Athuman -

Athuman Kisisa


99 % material, 40% volume. Indeed, a great way to pass IIBA certifications. A great confidence booster with relevant questions and lucid videos. Within 20 days of enrolling into the Adaptive self-learning pack, I was confident that I could pass the exam. All thanks to the great study material from Adaptive US. I am looking for the next level now.

Priyanka Paul

Priyanka Paul


Save $50 on CCBA Self-Paced Learning

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