010 - Tejas Bell Curve

Learn BA with LN – Episode -010. Tejas Bell Curve

In this video, our Renowned trainer LN describes about Tejas Bell Curve.

Is ECBA good for Beginners ?

Is ECBA is good for Beginners?  – Lora McCoy

In this video, our Renowned trainer Lora McCoy describes whether ECBA is good for Beginners

009 - OSEB-Wrong assumption

Learn BA with LN – Episode – 009. OSEB-Wrong assumption.

Through this interesting story of a utility provider client, LN cautions business analysts to pay extra attention to exceptional scenarios while a system is being designed.

008 - Requirements Approval, How ?

Learn BA with LN – Episode – 008. Unable to get Approval for your requirements.

In this video, our master trainer LN describes a real life situation about why requirements approvals take inordinate time and what can be done about it.

007 - Cross Cultural Sensitivity

Learn BA with LN – Episode – 007. Cross Cultural Sensitivity

As BAs we work in many cultures and countries. A term acceptable in one country may be completely unacceptable in another.

Here is an interesting experience our principal BA had when he did a BA assignment in US.

006 - Localization.

Learn BA with LN- Episode – 006 – BAs and Localization. 

A product or a system once built may get implemented in many countries and languages.

Listen to another story from LN on how the system started showing different numbers in financial reports due to localization.

005 - Assumptions.

Learn BA with LN – Episode – 005. Assumptions are risky.

Assumptions can be quite fatal as our Principal BA discovered during his early days as a BA.

Learn how certain assumptions can affect some stakeholders. Especially we need to be aware of people with special needs while designing systems.

004 - Implicit Requirements

Learn BA with LN – Episode – 004. Implicit Requirements

Do you face a situation when stakeholders expect something but they don’t specify?

Our master trainer LN beautifully describe how his project suffered due to implicit requirements. A lesson for all BAs indeed.

003 - Infrastructure Requirements

Learn BA with LN Episode – 003. Not identifying or estimating the right infrastructure for the product/project can lead to the product being scrapped or discarded.

Watch another interesting episode of how infrastructure can cause your system to stop functioning at a particular hour of the day.

002 - Non Functional Requirements

Learn BA with LN – Episode – 002. Non-functional requirements, what comes to our mind when we talk about NFR (Non-functional requirements)? Non Functional Requirements are those that makes the project a success or failure,

Learn with LN on how critical NFR can be for your project and how to document them.

001 - Introduction

Learn BA with LN – Episode – 001 –

Adaptive US is pleased to announce a weekly video series on BA concepts.

These concepts are from our faculties project experiences and explain how BA concepts can be applied to project using a story format.

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