Udemy CBAP Training

Are you considering studying for your IIBA certification but not sure which training provider to choose? Well, we're here to tell you when you should study with Udemy. Yes, that's right! In this blog post, we'll give you five reasons when choosing Udemy might be the best option for your CBAP exam preparation. So, let's dive in!

Reason #1 You are interested in just exploring CBAP training content

If you have no immediate plans of going for CBAP, then Udemy CBAP training is a good option.  You can start Udemy CBAP training below $200. So, if you decide to abandon your CBAP goal, it won’t hurt you. Compared to Udemy, Adaptive’s CBAP Guided training comes at about USD 700 (It also comes with success guarantee worth $690). 

Reason #2 Your CBAP goals are not firmed up yet

Udemy CBAP training is extremely affordable, below $200. So even if you don’t be successful in the exam, it won’t hurt you. Compared to Udemy, Adaptive’s CBAP training comes at about USD 1000 (It also comes with success guarantee worth $690). 

Reason #3 You already have access to an expert CBAP coach and good CBAP resources

It can so happen that you have a work colleague who is a CBAP, a great mentor and willing to devote good number of hours in your CBAP preparation. In this case, just having Udemy course study material may suffice. 

Reason #4 You have access to additional high quality CBAP questions and simulations

Udemy course material includes 12 articles, video lessons, and nine downloadable resources. The course has one practice test to help you check where you stand. Udemy provides full lifetime access to this business analysis course. It comes with Business Analysis Study Guide comes with a certificate of completion. That’s being said, you can purchase additional CBAP question banks and simulations from other providers.

Reason #5 You / your friends are familiar with CBAP application process

If your friends/colleagues have already taken CBAP, they can guide you with the CBAP application process.

Hope this article will help you choose your training partner in a judicious manner. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at Info@AdaptiveUS.com.

Detailed Comparison Between Udemy and Adaptive US

CBAP Training Offerings

All prices are in USD

Aspect Udemy Adaptive US
Exam success guarantee

No such guarantee

$295 * 2 - Exam Retake Fees paid by Adaptive for two unsuccessful attempts

Published information on CBAP certified professionals


700+ CBAP certified professionals

First time pass %

Not disclosed


Live Exam Prep Support

Office hours/Q&A classes dedicated to clarify concepts and discuss questions with faculty post CBAP training

Not available

Extensive 6 months of fortnightly office hours (12 office hours - 1 hour each) + Discussion Board, Office Hours, Email Support

Question Bank and Simulations

Need to buy separately

2300+ CBAP Model Questions

Includes 6 simulations, 50 case studies, 100 scenario-based questions, warm-ups and concept questions

Curated CBAP Learning Resources

Videos and Study Guide

All in one BA learning platform with 7 months access

CBAP V3 Study Guide, BABoK Glossary, Workbook, Study Tables, 100+ elearning videos, 500 + Flashcards, 6 Audiobooks, 4 Mind maps, Faculty Presentations, CBAP Prep Plan, Tips & more to enhance learning and recall concepts

Number of 5 Star Reviews Not available 1000+
CBAP Prep Class fees

There is no Faculty Led Training

CBAP Master Class: $949

IIBA Application Filing Support No Yes

All IIBA Fees Inclusive Plans

(IIBA Membership Fees + Application Fees + Exam Fees)


CBAP Master Class (With IIBA Fees): $1499

Training guaranteed to run




 Adaptive will refund 100% of the fees plus an additional $50 in the rare event that Adaptive cancels a training