Lora McCoy, CBAP

Former Regional Director, IIBA Central Americas Chapter 

25+ years of working experience as a Business Analyst


Lora McCoy is a Certified Business Analysis Professional with over 22 years of experience performing Business Analysis skill set activities as well as Quality Assurance, Project Management and more. This experience spans varying company sizes in multiple industries including Banking and Finance, Service Management, Education, Retail and Oil and Gas. Her passion for helping others is evident in her passion for the profession of Business Analysis. She is dedicated to both the profession and those who perform the skill set for the profession.

She currently serves as the President for the Oklahoma City Chapter of the IIBA where she applies that passion to the local membership in the form of mentoring and knowledge sharing.

Lora is an active speaker at various industry meets and conferences like BA World Conference 2016, BA World Conference 2015, BA World Conference 2014, Tulsa Tech Fest 2014, Women in IT etc.

Business Analysis / Professional Services / Transformation Guidance

Company Name - BIS - Technology for Your Information

Dates Employed - Jun 2017 – Present

Employment Duration - 3 yrs 5 months

Location - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Area

Engaging in activities where I enable transformation and chart the course for change for both clients and the organization. Making a difference one change at a time (or several changes at a time, whatever is the need :) ).

President - US Market

Company Name - Adaptive US - Guaranteed IIBA Certification

Dates Employed - Mar 2018 – Present

Employment Duration - 2 yrs 8 months

Location - United States

Enabling professional growth and recognition of discipline knowledge through quality training and mentoring resources.

Director - Americas Central Region

Company Name - IIBA

Dates Employed - Nov 2017 – Present

Employment Duration - 3 yrs

Location - Americas Central

The Regional Director is a volunteer position and is the Champion of the Regional IIBA Chapter community. This position is the liaison between Chapters and IIBA® International for Chapters in the region. The Regional Director is to lead the community of Chapter Leaders from within and be the communication conduit between IIBA and the Chapter Leadership within the region. The Regional Director represents the voice of IIBA when speaking to Chapters and the voice of Chapters when speaking to IIBA.