Agile Coaching Workshop (ICP-ACC)

Be an Accomplished Agile Coach

Agile Coaching Workshop (ICP-ACC) equips senior agile professionals to lead agile transformations.

This program is run by Adaptive's partner, cPrime. With Adaptive's enrollment, you also get 3 month's access to Adaptive Inner Circle.


cPrime Agile Portfolio and Program Management Training

Get work to flow from ideas to working software fast

In this powerful course, you'll grasp the concepts, principles, and methods for Agile Portfolio and Program Management and lead your organization to success.

In this Agile Portfolio and Program Management training course you will learn how to get work to flow from ideas to working software fast. IT practitioners have long known the importance of aligning efforts with business strategy but have approached it with an annual cadence of strategic planning and project selection. In today’s fast-changing world this is just too slow. Agile has brought an approach to doing work that can respond quickly to change, but at the higher levels of the organization we are frequently not aligning with the Agile approach of delivery and we are still focusing on delivering large releases of products rather than moving to the Minimal Viable Product or Minimal Marketable Feature releases advocated by the Agile approach.

In this class you will learn how to rethink your Portfolio Management and Program Management approaches to maximize the value produced by your Agile efforts. The class will subsequently look at the subject of scaling and will review at a high level some approaches to scaling Agile within your organization.

Professionals who may benefit include:

  • Project Managers
  • Analysts
  • Developers
  • IT Manager/Directors
  • Software Engineers
  • Software Architects
  • Business Customers

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Understand Agile Portfolio and Program Management principles and practices that will transform an organizations ability to get ideas to the development engine Just-In-Time to maximize value and efficiency.
  • Gain insights into the reasons for a lean process of continuous adaptive planning that responds quickly to the changing market forces.
  • Survey the several different approaches to scaling and explore the considerations that change the Agile approach at scale.
  • Learn the impact that higher level management can have on the Team Level Agile process and the importance of changing leadership style to maximize the benefits of Agile.
  • Using one scaling approach we will examine some specific details of things that can be done at scale to facilitate Agile planning and execution at Scale.
  • Discuss the steps to cultivating an Agile Culture within an organization and making decisions related to leadership style and scaling approaches within the context of the organization.


Although there is not an ICAgile official exam, ICAgile allows for their course accreditors to determine appropriate means for retention of the learning outcomes. Depending on your provider, there may be some type of assessment in order to earn certification.

Many providers assess via participation, activity and understanding conveyed via exercises and discussion, withholding certification when appropriate.

Session Plan

Part 1:
  1. Introduction – Agile Mindset preview
  2. What is Portfolio and Program Management
  3. Strategic Alignment
  4. Lean Thinking
    1. Customer Defines Value
  5. Ideas/Concepts/Realities that are driving the world
  6. Speed of Change
  7. Innovation
  8. Disruption
  9. Lean Startup
  10. Adaptive Planning
  11. Five Levels of Planning
  12. Geodesic Planning – the shortest path to results
  13. Map the Value Stream
  14. A Process that delivers Value to the Customer
  15. Continuous Flow
  16. Pull not Push
  17. Strive for Perfection
  18. Eliminate Waste
  19. A System designed to produce the right results
    1. The right paradigms and mental models
    2. Transition into Building a System
  20. The Agile Paradigm
  21. Manifesto
  22. Principles
  23. The Agile Team – A System
  24. Systems Thinking – Seeing the Whole
  25. Creating a System that produces desired results
  26. Agile Practices – part of the System
  27. Summary of the Paradigm Change
  28. The Agile Game – might end up as begin of day 2
Part 2:
  1. Agile Program Management – Building a Business Value Generator
  2. Vision
  3. Time
  4. Culture
  5. Vision – What is our Value Proposition
  6. The Ideation Process
  7. Getting Ideas that will produce Value to the Customer
  8. Ethnographic Research
  9. Effective Communication
  10. The User – Roles and Personas
  11. Brainstorming
  12. The A3 Process of Problem Solving
  13. Making Investment Decision
  14. Time – Execution
  15. Scaling Agile above the Team to the Enterprise
  16. Waves of Agile
  17. Scaling Methodologies
  18. Similar Organizational Structures
  19. SAFe – Digging Deeper into Scaling to provide Program Management
  20. The Idea Funnel
  21. Review Process
  22. Analysis Queue
  23. Implementation
  24. Release Planning (PI Planning)
  25. The Iteration Calendar
  26. Coordination –
  27. Scrum of Scrums
  28. PO Sync
  29. Release Management
  30. Retrospectives
  31. Done
  32. The Definition of Done
  33. Levels
  34. Culture
  35. Transforming your organization
  36. John Kotter path to Change
  37. Getting to a re-wiring – Culture is Anchored
  38. Wrap-up