Difference Between Self Learning (On Demand), Guided Learning, and Live Master Classes

What should you go for?




Guided learning

Live Master Classes

Learner Persona

Self-starters who learn the subject on their own with available study resources

Learns the subject on one's own and requires limited expert support for clarifying doubts

Eager to learn the subject thoroughly from experts and progress faster in their BA career

Suitable for those

Who have limited flexibility in time to attend live classes

Who wish to utilize time effectively in between other commitments

Who are clearly focused on achieving the certification goal in an accelerated manner

Learning pace / method

Flexible, self-paced and independent

No interaction/support, which may delay the clarification of concepts

Flexible, self-paced, with some structure and mostly independent

Limited interaction with instructor for doubt clarification

Fixed pace, structured, real-time interaction with experts in a group setting leading to faster learning and completion of goal

Real-time interaction with instructor and peers along with post-training support

Timeline for accomplishing certification goal

Typically, 24-30 months

Typically, 8-12 months.

Typically, 3-6 months

  • Enhanced skills
  • Improved confidence
  • Higher career growth


Lower cost

Moderate cost

Higher cost and advanced support


Available anytime and anywhere, with internet access

Available anytime and anywhere, with internet access

Available at scheduled times with internet access