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Why Adaptive?

Most trusted partner for IIBA certifications (CBAP, CCBA, ECBA & AAC) training and contents

Look no further.

You are at the very best place in the world for CBAP, CCBA and ECBA certification training. Learn about requirements for CBAP, CCBA and ECBA certifications at AdaptiveUS.com/iiba-certifications.

Why should you consider Adaptive US?
Training with success guarantee

Adaptive US is the only training organization and IIBA EEP which provides CBAP, CCBA, ECBA and AAC certification training with success guarantee. If you happen to not do well in your first attempt, we will pay your re-take fees. Learn more about our upcoming workshops at AdaptiveUS.com/Calendar.

World’s highest success rate for CBAP, CCBA, and ECBA certifications training

Our first attempt success rate is more than 95%. This is indeed the best success rate for any training institute. Take a look at our past successful participants on our website. Also, take a look our past feedback at 

CBAP – https://www.adaptiveus.com/cbap-feedback/

CCBA – https://www.adaptiveus.com/ccba-feedback/

ECBA – https://www.adaptiveus.com/ecba-feedback/

World’s finest mentors to coach you

Our trainers have been part of IIBA BABoK development team and exam setting committees. You can view our faculty profiles at AdaptiveUS.com/our-experts.

World’s best BA learning platform, SuXeed

Our BA learning platform comes with 3000+ CBAP, CCBA and ECBA certification model questions, 100+ videos on BABoK, world’s most compact BABoK study guide, audio books, flash cards, Exam prep tips, personalized exam preparation Plan, Exam Alerts. You can get more than $100 worth of business analysis study materials by registering free at https://www.AdaptiveUS.com/SuXeed which includes 120 CBAP model questions/130 CCBA sample questions/50 ECBA sample questions along with many other learninfg resources.

Training Services You Can Count On

Are you ready to gain practical skills that will help increase your efficiency and achieve business process improvement? If so, at Adaptive US, we offer the CBAP, CCBA and ECBA training you need. Our training helps you move from the fundamentals to actual user requirements. We help to provide essential, real-world business skills that are needed to be successful in your chosen career path. With our help, you can even enhance the credentials for IIBA Certification.

Affordable Everyday Prices

We understand acquiring the ECBA, CCBA and CBAP certification training you need can be expensive. That is why we offer plans for all budget.

Our Essential plan comes with an affordable price to meet all your needs in terms of

  • the required number of instructor-led training
  • Professional development hours to meet the IIBA eligibility requirements
  • Printable Study Guide
  • Question bank (Sample questions)
  • Exam Simulators
  • Exam prep tips
  • Personalized exam prep plan
  • exam alerts

The Advanced plan comes with additional value-added features like

Essential Plan Features +

  • Success guarantee (exam retake fees)
  • Access to recordings of the instructor-led classes
  • 4 repeat modules to attend in later months (Live class)
  • Hard copy of the study guide
  • Additional Question bank (Sample questions)
  • Additional Exam Simulators
  • Application review support

The Ultimate plan comes with additional value-added features like

Advanced Plan Features +

  • IIBA Membership Fees
  • IIBA Application Fees
  • IIBA Exam Fees
  • Success guarantee (exam retake fees)
  • 4 repeat modules to attend in later months (Live class)

When you sign up for CBAP, CCBA or ECBA certification training with us, you can feel confident you will achieve all the knowledge and information you need.

We Provide Services Near You

At Adaptive US, we are dedicated to providing you with the training you need, regardless of where you are. Our services are available to individuals across the globe.

When you enroll in the programs with Adaptive you learn with a global pool of business analysts from different parts of the world.

This gives you the convenience of learning from the experts while attending the classes from your home without any travel.

If you are ready to learn more about the Adaptive US difference, contact us today. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about the training services we offer.

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