Detailed Comparison of CBAP Training Offerings

All prices are in USD

Aspect Adaptive US SimpliLearn Watermark Learning ASPE/Cprime
Program highlights and fees
Exam success guarantee


$295 * 2 - Exam Retake Fees paid by Adaptive for two unsuccessful attempts

No such guarantee No such guarantee No such guarantee
Faculty Profiles

All CBAPs with 25+ Years BA Exp. - Part of BABoK Authoring and Exam Committees

Not CBAP certified

PM domain course advisors

Not disclosed Not disclosed
Published information on CBAP certified professionals


675+ CBAP certified professionals

Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed
First time pass %


Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed

Live Exam Prep Support

Office hours/Q&A classes dedicated to clarify concepts and discuss questions with faculty post CBAP training


Extensive 6 months of fortnightly office hours

(12 office hours - 1 hour each)

Modes of support

Discussion Board, Office Hours, Email Support

No such support No such support No such support
Total number of questions

2300+ CBAP Model Questions

Includes 6 simulations, 50 case studies, 100 scenario-based questions, warm-ups and concept questions

11 case studies, 11 end-of-chapter quizzes, 3 simulations

(no. of questions not specified)

1200 CBAP Model Questions

Includes simulations, drills, warm-ups

No info 
Curated CBAP Learning Resources


All in one BA learning platform with 7 months access

Printable CBAP V3 Study Guide, BABoK Glossary, Workbook, Study Tables, 100+ elearning videos, 500 + Flashcards, 6 Audiobooks, 4 Mind maps, Faculty Presentations, CBAP Prep Plan, Tips & more to enhance learning and recall concepts

All learning resources except question bank are downloadable.

Limited learning resources - Mentions about Question Bank only Limited learning resources - CBAP Study Guide, Question Bank, Study Tables and Flashcards Limited learning resources - Not much info
Number of 5 Star Reviews 1000+ ? ? ?
Other Aspects
CBAP Prep Class fees

CBAP Master Class: $949

CBAP Master Class + BA Skill Building: $1999

$1099 $1995  $2395

100% Money Back Guarantee


Yes ? No
IIBA Application Filing Support Yes Yes ? ?

All IIBA Fees Inclusive Plans

(IIBA Membership Fees + Application Fees + Exam Fees)

CBAP Master Class (With IIBA Fees): $1499

CBAP Master Class + BA Skill Building (With IIBA Fees): $2549

No No No

Training guaranteed to run



 Adaptive will refund 100% of the fees plus an additional $50 in the rare event that Adaptive cancels a training

100% fees will be refunded in the event SimpliLearn cancels a program and the refund request is raised within 10 days. 

? No such guarantee available

Class recordings available to watch later


(For any missed classes or to re-watch classes to reinforce concepts)

No info No info No info
BA Skill Building (As part of CBAP Ultimate Plan)
Live Career Guidance Sessions


4 sessions (30 mins each)

Ask the expert anything pertaining to their career advancement

? ? ?

Live On the Job Mentoring


12 months access to fortnightly sessions (2 hours each)

Ask the expert any questions pertaining to job/work deliverables
? ? ?
BA Skill Building and Tools Training


12 months access to fortnightly sessions (2 hours each)

Acquire the must-have BA skills and tools knowledge to perform the BA role with confidence
? ? ?
Access to BA Job Aids (BA templates, BA guidelines, and BA checklists)


200+ BA job aids

BAs can use these job aids to carry out their day-to-day tasks efficiently and effectively
? ? ?

Access to BA Tools


Access to in-demand tools like Jira, Balsamiq, MS Visio, Confluence which students can learn and practice

? ? ?

60 Recertification CDUs


Comes with all the support you need to get your CBAP certification renewed within 3 years

? ? ?