Detailed Comparison of CBAP Training Offerings

Adaptive US vs. Well-known CBAP Training Provider

Prices are in USD

Aspect Adaptive US Simplilearn Watermark Learning ASPE/Cprime
Program highlights and exam fees
Program fee

CBAP Success Guaranteed:

 $1299 $1049 ($250 attractive offer)

CBAP Ultimate:

$2199 $1799 ($400 attractive offer)

$999 $1895 (~81% More) $2395 (~128% More)
Instructor-led live sessions

36 Hours with exam prep tutorials

Additional 8 hours of tutorials for Ultimate (Total 44 hours)

32 hrs  35 hours 35 hours
4 months access (8 live Exam prep tutorials/Q&A classes) to clarify concepts and discuss questions with faculty


Additional 8 hours of tutorials over 4 months for Ultimate

0 0 0
35 IIBA Professional Development Hours Yes Yes Yes Yes
Includes IIBA Fees?

Part of Ultimate Plan

Includes IIBA Membership ($125), CBAP Application Fee ($125) and CBAP Exam Fee ($325) 

No No


Exam success guarantee – retake fees and class re-sit 

$250 retake fees paid by Adaptive + re-sit for live classes at no extra cost 

Prepare as per our success guarantee norms and rest assured, Adaptive would PAY the exam retake fees in the off chance that the student does not pass in the first attempt.

One full repeat training free of cost if the student does not clear the exam in the first attempt.

Student needs to pay $250 separately to IIBA Student needs to pay $250 separately to IIBA

Student needs to pay $250 separately to IIBA


If you take the CBAP® exam within twelve weeks after your CBAP training course has completed and do not pass, ASPE will allow you to attend another Live Online session of the class prior to your next attempt.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Refund of the entire course fees subject to meeting the terms

Yes Yes ? No

Training guaranteed to run

$50 Benefit if we fail to run the session

 Adaptive will refund 100% of the fees plus an additional $50 in the rare event that Adaptive cancels a training 100% fees will be refunded in the event Simplilearn cancels a program and the refund request is raised within 10 days. Beyond that, participants will be rescheduled to any upcoming class If Watermark cancels a class, 100% of your tuition will be refunded No such guarantee available

All in one BA learning platform – SuXeed 

(Study guide, Question Banks, Mind maps, Audiobooks, Flashcards Application Simulator, Exam Simulations, Prep Plan and Tips)

Yes No No No
Period of BA Learning Portal Access

Training duration (4 weeks) + 4 months

Additional 4 months of access for Ultimate

Enrolling for the training early on will also give the student extra access days to the learning portal and all learning resources at no extra cost.

Lifetime access to elearning content 6 months access to videos and 3 months access to question bank (40% less) No
Compatible on all devices Yes ? ? No
Convenient weekend virtual live online classes for professionals Yes, held on weekends (Sat and Sun) Yes 4 Continuous days 5 Continuous days
Can attend from anywhere in the globe?


Training sessions are available for 2 cohorts:

Cohort 1 - NY Time - EST - Whole of USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, India

Cohort 2 - Sydney Time - USA West Coast, Canada West Coast, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka

? Restricted to certain geographies (US -Central Time Zone) Restricted to certain geographies (US -Eastern Time Zone)
Live classes and trainers
Instructor-led live sessions

36 hours with exam prep tutorials

Additional 8 hours of tutorials for Ultimate (Total 44 hours)

32 hours 35 hours 35 hours
Assured CBAP qualified trainers Yes 1 CBAP, 2 not CBAP Yes 1 CBAP, 2 not CBAP

Trainer profiles disclosed

Industry expert trainers who are part of BABoK v3.0 authoring team and exam setting committee

Yes Yes ? Yes

Class recordings available to watch later

(For any missed classes or to re-watch classes to reinforce concepts)

Yes No No No
Focused exam preparation help
Dedicated Exam Model Question Discussion sessions 3 sessions (540 mins) ? ? ?
Access to 1 hour Exam prep tutorials for 4 months (# of Q & A sessions)

8 sessions 

Additional 8 sessions for Ultimate

No No No
Total number of questions 2300+ (66% More) ? 1200 No info 
# of simulations 6 3 ? No info 
Case-based questions for each KA 50 11 case studies (no info on the number of questions) ? No info 
Scenario-based questions for each KA 100 11 chapter questions (no info on the number of questions) ? No info 
Total questions for every knowledge area 150 ? ? No info 
Worked out templates for financial analysis Yes ? ? No info 
Assessments with PSI Like features Yes ? ? No info 
Unlimited attempts and analysis reports Yes ? ? No info 
Comprehensive Study Aids
Printable CBAP V3 Study Guide Yes ? Yes Yes
No. of learning Videos (5 to 15 mins) 100+ 24 hours of self paced learning ? No
Faculty Presentations – In printable handout format Yes ? ? ?
Audiobooks 6 No No No
Flashcards 500+ No Yes No

BABoK and Techniques Mindmaps

Extremely useful visually organized resources prepared by experts to enhance learning, recall information and answer questions correctly

4 ? ? ?
BABoK based Workbook 200+ Pages No No No
BABoK Techniques Summary Yes ? ? ?
BABoK V3 Study Tables Yes No Yes ?
BABoK V3 Comprehensive Glossary 600+ Terms ? ? ?
CBAP Preparation Tips Yes ? Yes Yes
CBAP Preparation Plan Yes ? ? ?
CBAP Application simulator with 100% Past Success Rate Yes ? ? No
Downloadable learning resources  All learning resources except question bank are downloadable. Question banks are not downloadable so that students practice in an actual exam environment. ? ? ?
Customer Support
Email support throughout your certification journey till you pass the exam


Priority 1 Business Day Support for Ultimate
Yes ? ?
Application filling and IIBA support Yes ? ? ?
Success Rate
First Attempt Success Rate  % 97+% ? ? ?
Published information on CBAP certified professionals 425+ ? ? ?
Number of independent Google Reviews 225+ ? ? ?
Attractive Rewards
Trailblazer Award – Cash refund $50 Paid by Adaptive upon passing the exam within 6 months of course completion No such reward available No such reward available No such reward available
Brand ambassador offer Complimentary access to learning portal upon completion of tasks No such reward available No such reward available No such reward available

Refer Your Buddy Program - Unlimited Referral Bonus 

$50 for products below $1000 and $100 for products above $1000

Every time your referral signs up for our classes ? ? ?