FAQ's on Online Training

Common Training Program Related Questions

What is the mode of Adaptive training?
  • The classes are in online instructor led mode via web Conferencing System.
  • The classes are recorded to watch later to review and learn.
Will I get compensation classes if I miss any session?
Yes, in advanced and ultimate plan you are allowed repeat classes, which you can attend in the following months.
Can I get the PDU certificate if I miss one of the classes and watch the recordings for them?

Yes, you can get PDU certificate if you watch the class recordings also since the requirement from IIBA is that there has to be a provision for interaction between the faculty and student.

However we would suggest you to attend as many live classes as you can, since the live classes are better in terms of learning.

You also have the option to join the same sessions next month as well as part of advanced and ultimate plans.

What is the period of access for the class recording?
The period of access for class recording and Suxeed learning portal will be as per your plan.
Do I need to go for certification in the order of ECBA, CCBA, and then CBAP?
No, you can directly go to the level that you qualify for as per IIBA’s eligibility criteria.
Are the classes live and interactive?
Yes, the classes are live and interactive, you can ask questions to the mentor, see what he/she shares like presentation, templates and articles and listen to/discuss with him/her.
Can I download the certificate after I complete the classes or learning materials ?
Yes, you can download the certificate from Suxeed learning portal after completing the classes.
What are the timings for the classes?

Please refer to the calendar for the class timings.

Please convert as per your time zone to find out your local time.

Can I get opportunity to discuss with instructor to clear my doubts?
Yes, you can ask questions to instructor during the class to clarify doubts.
Can I can move my training session to some other month?
Yes, you can move your training to another month once by paying a small administrative charge.
What is the mode of payment, do you support other currencies as well?
  • We accept paypal, credit and debit card payments. Our site is also SSL enabled for secured payment.
  • We can accept payments from all currencies via paypal and cards.
  • The conversion happens on the payment gateway.
Can I extend my learning portal access for all the learning resources?
Yes, you can do that by paying a small amount for extension of access.
How long are the PDUs valid?
PDUs from the classes are valid for 4 years.
What do you mean by Success Guarantee?

We guarantee your success with our Advanced and Ultimate plans where we pay your retake fees from our side if you don’t pass the certification exam on the first attempt.

See the terms of success guarantee here –success-guarantee

How I will get $300 cash back?
Check the offer details in this page –offers
How do I book my classes?
You can book your classes here – calendar
How long does it take for you to provide me access after I enroll for the classes?
Access to the learning portal is provided immediately after the enrollment is completed.
Are the classes authorized to provide the required PD hours as needed by IIBA?
Yes, the classes are authorized for the required PD hours as needed by IIBA. You can download the PD hour certificate from Suxeed learning portal after completing the classes.
Will you provide application filing support?
Yes, application filing review and support is available for Advanced and ultimate plan. For Essential Plan, you can use the application simulator template. It’s a complete DIY template with guide me section
Can I upgrade my plans?
Yes, you can upgrade your plans with additional payment of the differential amount between the plans
How long after the classes will I get the PD hours to be eligible for application?
You can get the PD hours just after completing your classes
Will I get PD hours needed for CBAP/CCBA/ECBA from your self learning pack? (Digital learning material)
Yes, for ECBA you can.For CCBA and CBAP the self-learning pack is not eligible for PD hours since they require an instructor led classes for the PD hours to be allocated.

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