LN Mishra, CBAP, CBDA, CCA, AAC


    World's 1st BA to Hold All 6 IIBA Certifications

    Part of BABoK V3 Exam Committee 

    25+ years of working experience as a Business Analyst 

    Author of 20+ BA Books, IIBA Webinar Speaker 

    Mentor to 3000+ BAs  worldwide




    LN Mishra (LN) has 25+ years of professional experience in business analysis, agile and IT GRC in consulting, guiding and mentoring 100+ global clients and 3000+ BAs.

    LN has authored 20+ books on business analysis and requirements engineering, and Agile.

    LN is an avid blogger and writes regularly on Business analysis, Project management, and process Improvement topics from his practical experiences. LN is a great process improver and innovator and it is a pleasure for the readers to read his short practical blogs.

    LN has been a regular host and speaker at various Business analysis and IIBA webinars.

    Speaker at various industry bodies and conferences such as PMPC (Project Manager Practitioner Conference) 2014, BA Convention 2013 along with much more industry meets.

    LN was involved in multiple large system deployments such as large utility privatization project with PWC, compliance system for Oman government, multiple large ERP implementation projects and color data management system for AkzoNobel. LN holds a management degree from IIM Ahmadabad and Engineering degree in Electronics.


    Adaptive US - Guaranteed IIBA CertificationProgram Leader - IIBA Certifications

    Company Name - AdaptiveUS.com Full-time

    Dates Employed - Sep 2016 – Present

    Employment Duration - 4 yrs 2 mos

    Location - Newark, Delaware

    Helping BAs to Improve Their Careers: Guided 750+ BAs to be IIBA® Certified.

    Practicing BA for 25+ years, Author, Trainer, Consultant

    Conference Speaker @ IIBA and Co-founder and COO @ Adaptive US

    I have 25+ years of professional experience in agile software development, requirements analysis, business analysis, IT GRC and management consulting.

    I currently plays the role of business analysis thought leader and product owner of SuXeed, Adaptive’s flagship learning solution.

    I have been part of multiple large system developments, In-country Value System for PDO Oman and Color Data Management System for AkzoNobel.

    I was also involved in multiple large ERP implementation projects and was involved in one of the world’s largest change management program in PricewaterhouseCoopers, for a large utility agency.

    I have conducted 300+ workshops in business analysis, requirements management, agile, software project management, Six Sigma, CMM, ISO 9001, and ISO 27001. He guided 30+ six sigma projects in iGate, MACH and Akzo Nobel.

    I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from IIM Ahmedabad, and BE (Honors) in Electronics.

    I have authored of following business analysis books

    1. Mastering CBAP
    2. Practical Requirements Engineering - A step by step guide
    3. Stories for IT Trainers
    4. Giant book of BA vocabulary
    5. Mastering ECBA
    6. Mastering CPRE
    7. Giant book of business vocabulary
    8. CCA Study Guide
    9. AAC Study Guide
    10. CBDA Study Guide
    11. Business Consulting 101
    12. Agile Business Analysis
    13. 1000 BA Interview Questions
    14. Big Book of Corporate Jargons
    15. Stories for Trainers
    16. Top 50 BA Techniques with Examples
    17. Ultimate IIBA Exams Guide
    18. CCBA Study Guide
    19. Handbook of Business (In-progress)
    20. Strategic Business Analysis (In-progress)


    Company Name - IIBA

    Dates Employed - 2015 – Present

    Employment Duration - 5 yrs

    Location - United States

    Open Requirements Engineering Group

    World-wide convener

    Company Name - Open Requirements Engineering Group Part-time

    Dates Employed - Dec 2014 – Nov 2019

    Employment Duration - 5 yrs

    Location - Across the world

    As the convener for Open RE (www.Open-RE.org), I am responsible for developing the Requirements Engineering Body of Knowledge.

    Open Requirements Engineering (Open RE) is an independent non-profit professional association serving the growing field of Requirements engineering. For individuals working in a broad range of roles – Requirements engineering, requirements analysis or management, systems analysis, project management, consulting, process improvement and more – Open RE can help you do your job better and enhance your professional life.

    Open RE is an associate of International requirements Engineering Board (IREB) (www.IREB.org) and actively supported by its premium partners.