CBAP Re-certification

CBAP Re-certification

All CBAP certification holders need to go for CBAP recertification after every 3 years. 

This requires 60 CDUs to be submitted.

IIBA has set certain criteria to fulfill these CDU requirements.

Adaptive US can help you to acquire the following CDUs:

CBAP recertification

Category Activity Value Suggested course/action from Adaptive CDU’s to be obtained
Professional Development Maximum 30 CDUs per 3 yr cycle CBAP v3 self-study material 30 CDU/30 PD Hours
Self-Directed Learning Maximum 15 CDUs per 3 yr cycle BABoK e-learning (CBAP learning videos, CBAP audiobooks as per BABoK v3 – also as part of CBAP Self Study Material ) 15 CDU
Professional Experience Maximum 25 CDUs per 3 yr cycle

You can demonstrate your last 3 years BA experience for this

1000 hours of business analysis work experience that is aligned with the BABOK®Guide qualifies for 5 CDUs

15 CDU

Once the above activities are complete, then follow this process to complete the re-certification formalities:

  1. Complete the CBAP® CDU Reporting Form 
  2. Complete the CBAP® Re-certification Application form, attaching your completed CDU reporting form to it
  3. Pay $85 for members / $120 non-members towards re-certification – To be paid by the candidate

IIBA® must receive the CBAP® recipient’s re-certification application package including payment by their certification expiration date.

If re-certification is declined for any reason, IIBA shall send a decline notice.

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