Business analysts: How to make your CV stand out?

Sadly most of us hate the resume writing process. Does not it look pretty demeaning when someone asks you write all you have achieved in your educational and professional career to in few pages?

But the fact is, today, we all are in the world speed-dating. The organization intends to hire a BA. There are many professionals who are looking for a career break or who are looking for a better organization/location / higher degree of professional satisfaction.

The company’s HR function will probably not spend 2 minutes on a resume unless they find resume attractive. (They receive tons of resumes for any opportunity). Even in the world of LinkedIn and so many personal website portals, we can’t avoid a resume.

Often I get many prospective BAs who seek employment with us or ask for help in placement. There are only so few opportunities which so many are attempting.

What can one do make oneself stand-out in this situation?

I would suggest 2 pronged approaches:

  1. Create and maintain a prolific LinkedIn profile
  2. Create a visual CV for it to stand-out

Let me describe how one can enrich one’s LinkedIn profile:

  1. Provide a professional photo
  2. Write in detail all your project experiences
  3. Be part of popular BA groups such as #IIBA group
  4. Participate in group discussions

Now, what can you make your CV stand out?

99% of CVs prepared today are text-based.

I would recommend a visual CV with icons and colors.

I am attaching my CV in the visual format. I trust many of you have much better aesthetics and design sense and can make a better CV.

If you want to have the word version of my BA resume, comment on the post.

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16 thoughts on “Business analysts : How to make your CV stand out?”

    1. Ismail – Video resumes have some advantage and some disadvantage. In a corporate environment, playing a video can be difficult. Having said that, keep one ready and share if the organization asks for it.

    1. Prinsi – Even if you don’t have BA experience, showcase your knowledge of BA process, BABoK, BA techniques, any training you have taken on business analysis.


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