Success guaranteed IIBA AAC training

Success Guaranteed IIBA AAC (Agile Analysis Certification) Training

IIBA Agile Analysis Certification (AAC) is the first agile certification provided by the International Institute of BA (IIBA), Canada ( Here are some of the benefits of becoming an IIBA Certified Agile Analyst (IIBA AAC):

  • The agile approach has gained tremendous popularity over the last decade 
  • Be recognized for your competency in the agile business analysis
  •  BA is the fastest growing career opportunity for IT professionals
  •  Better job prospects
  •  Better salary
  • Can be used for CBAP recertification

Target Audience for IIBA Agile Analysis Certification

IIBA Agile Analysis Certification examination targets the following audience:

  • Agile Business analysts
  • BA Consultants
  • Trainers
  • Project managers
  • Testers
  • Current CBAPs and CCBAs

About IIBA AAC Certification

IIBA AAC recognizes one’s ability to effectively execute analysis related work in an agile context. Earning this certification provides potential employers, a clearer indication of the competencies that one has developed. For additional information, watch IIBA’s Competency Model video.

Basic Knowledge Has a fundamental awareness of basic skills and knowledge involved in the analysis work.
Understands Recognizes the key elements of the work and why they are important. However, not expected to have the experience nor skill to execute.
Follow Rules Adheres to prescribed ways to complete the work but needs rules and guidelines to successfully execute.


This certification recognizes the competencies of BA professionals with 2 to 3 years’ experience executing analysis-related work in an agile context.

Competencies expected and recognized through this specialization are aligned with Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide, version 2.

IIBA competency-based certification exams recognize one’s development of enhanced capabilities. The IIBA-AAC exam is closely aligned to the Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide, version 2 and tests one’s ability to answer questions focused on real-world scenarios. The Agile Extension developed in collaboration with the Agile Alliance, describes good practices, techniques, guidelines, and other key information that drives better business outcomes and adds customer value when work is executed using various agile approaches.

Individuals that will do well on this exam are those that have developed the requisite competencies. A practice analysis study identifying the analysis work agile leaders expect one to perform in an agile context provides the foundation for the IIBA®-AAC. The following descriptions are organized by the 4 Exam Blueprint domains: Agile Mindset, Strategy Horizon, Initiative Horizon and Delivery Horizon.

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Domain 1: An Agile Mindset

Developing one’s agile mindset is critical to one’s success when working in an agile context. Without this, the way one creates desired outcomes is much less effective and will not generate the results that are required. However, developing one’s agile mindset is not something one can expect to develop as a result of reading about it. One’s agile mindset is developed over time and by applying the agile principles of business analysis to the outcomes one produce while leveraging the agile manifesto for this work.

Domain 2: Strategy Horizon

The following describes typical work performed by an agile practitioner at the Strategy Horizon with a foundational level of proficiency. Nevertheless, a comprehensive understanding of an agile mindset can be developed by reading the Agile Extension.

Domain 3: Initiative Horizon

This describes typical work performed by an agile practitioner at the Initiative Horizon with a foundational level of proficiency.

Domain 4: Delivery Horizon

The following table describes typical work performed by an agile analyst at the Delivery Horizon with a foundational level of proficiency.

IIBA AAC Exam pattern

The IIBA-AAC exam is weighted across four domains and consists of 85 multiple-choice, scenario-based questions to be completed within 2 hours:

  • Agile Mindset – 30%
  • Strategy Horizon – 10%
  • Initiative Horizon – 25%
  • Delivery Horizon – 35%

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