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IIBA IIBA is the non-profit professional association dedicated to the field of business analysis. Through a global network, IIBA connects over 29,000+ Members and more than 300 Corporate Members and 120 Chapters. As the voice of the business analysis community, IIBA supports the recognition of the profession and discipline and works to maintain the global standard for the practices and certification.
IREB IREB, the International Requirements Engineering Board – a non-profit organization – is the provider of the CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) certification scheme. It is IREB’s declared goal to foster further education in the field of Requirements Engineering.
Bridging the Gap Bridging the Gap provides virtual, instructor-supported courses and on-the-job resources to professionals who want to start and succeed in business analysis careers.
Bay3000 Founded in 1991, a privately held Canadian company, Bay3000 works in three complementary practice areas: Training and Consulting, Advisory Services, and Consulting with Project Management.  The founding of Bay3000 was driven by our belief in the importance of an integrated and focused approach to learning and competency development. Our training and consulting programs are exceptional and focus on outcomes and ROI by providing you with practical approaches to measuring and monitoring results. We are passionate about what we do and demonstrate our passion in every aspect of our work.
Sixth Dimension Learning Sixth Dimension Learning (SDL) delivers career-focused education and training that gives you the edge to succeed in a competitive world. The trainers and supporting staff at SDL are highly qualified professionals with vast industry experience. SDL was created with the purpose of reducing the gap between education and industry. The mission of SDL is to educate individuals so that they excel in their respective professions.
Global IIM Driven by the strong demand for global executive education focused on leading and managing information technology initiatives, with programs for IT & non-IT executives from entry level to C level.
The institute affiliates are comprised of leading universities and management associations, and over 300 prominent academics, practitioners, and management consultants, from around the globe.
Untapped Potential Untapped Potential Inc. provides a path for work-life success for top female talent by preparing and personally connecting women to local, curated high-caliber roles with flexible schedules. Often our talent opted-out for caregiving yet are eager to return.  For business, they deliver hard-to-reach talent to the marketplace. A CT-Benefit Corp, UP impacts the wage gap, gender equity and overcomes the motherhood penalty.

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