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    How BAs Help Companies Adapt During COVID-19

    Image of LN Mishra, CBAP, CBDA, AAC & CCA
    LN Mishra, CBAP, CBDA, AAC & CCA

    2020 was one unique year, with COVID-19 sparking unimaginable digital transformation levels among many businesses. Companies have adopted various approaches to respond to the pandemic. Most of the changes that companies have employed have become a lifetime commitment as most have proved to improve their performance.

    Before the pandemic, companies had challenges adopting new technologies in their operations, as it needs time and sacrifice to achieve such. However, COVID forced businesses to take measures that minimize physical contact between individuals. Having no other options, companies had to switch their operations to advanced digital approaches immediately. Following the immediate switch to digital operations, most companies struggle to keep up with the pace since some technologies come at a high cost.

    Ways in which the Pandemic Forced Companies to Adopt Digital Transformation

    Companies introduced technologies that discourage physical contact for the safety of their customers and employees. The internet registered a significant upsurge in searches that include keywords such as contactless business operations as business owners look for ways to employ digital technology.

    Companies invested heavily in mobile apps that promote e-commerce, product delivery, and videoconferencing to remain relevant in the market. Organizations prioritize digitizing interaction in their supply chain to interact with customers and amongst the workers safely. Because of the challenges involved, most companies had to hire experts to assist in digital transformation.

    The Influence of Business Analysis in Digital Transformation

    With the rate at which companies need to adopt new technologies, most cannot effect the changes without experts such as a Business Analyst taking control. With the help of Business analysis specialists, organizations have fought challenges that come with digital transformation in the wake of the pandemic.

    An experienced BA assists a digital transformation company as they maintain business value in the market. Organizations depend on such experts for advice on how to accept reality about digital changes.

    BA understands the facts about business competition and knows which technologies work best to meet customer demands during the COVID pandemic. They have the experience needed to actualize digital transformation.

    Business analysis serves a fundamental role in technological transformation as the business environment continues to change faster. A Business Analyst is among the most trusted individuals by companies looking for ways to fast-track digital changes in the market.

    While the pandemic has interrupted various industries, digital transformation has introduced new business operation approaches to which companies continue to adapt positively.

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