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    High Level Comparison of Elicitation Techniques

    Written by:             Published on: Aug 31, 2017 12:00:00 AM

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    This has been a constant request from most of our workshop participants and clients.

    There are so many elicitation techniques. Which technique should we use when?

    Using elicitation techniques depend on many factors, such as

    1. Complexity and risk of the project
    2. Time available
    3. Stakeholder availability
    4. Stakeholder locations
    5. Number of stakeholders
    6. Need for consensus
    7. Stakeholder familiarity with the techniques


    Elicitation technique flow chart Elicitation technique flow chart


    Please note that this is something I found useful in my business analysis career.

    This no way indicates the most perfect model to follow and I am not trying to make the model fool-proof.

    Do let me know your thoughts on the model and how we can improve the same.

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