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AAC Certification Training

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IIBA AAC recognizes ones ability to effectively execute analysis related work in agile context.

AAC certification strengthens your agile skills & expertise, making you an efficient Agile Analyst.

Adaptive US AAC Training - Key Deliverables

Adaptive’s AAC training is IIBA endorsed and has 97+% first time success rate. 

World’s #1 IIBA Certifications Training Provider - 1000+ IIBA certified professionals | Faculties part of IIBA Authoring & Exam Teams |

30 IIBA PD/CD Hours 20 Hours of Live Training AAC Study Guide
540+ AAC Model Questions 4 AAC Simulations AAC Mindmaps
AAC eLearning Videos AAC Audiobooks AAC Flashcards
4 Months Access to Fortnightly Tutorials Session Recordings Faculty Presentations
Training Duration + 4 Months Learning Portal Access    


AAC Training 

We stick our neck out for you. We succeed with your success and fail with your failure

IIBA approved courseware

Adaptive provides downloadable courseware comprising of Agile Extension to BABoK® v2.0 based AAC study guide, mind maps, faculty presentations etc.

Agile Extension to BABoK v2.0 based AAC Study Guide

Adaptive’s AAC Study Guide is the most compact AAC Study Guide. It has only 20% word count as compared to Agile Extension to BABoK® v2.0 which saves a significant amount of preparation time.

Make learning fun with AAC Flashcards

Adaptive AAC Flashcards are structured as per the various chapters in Agile Extension to BABoK® v2.0 and are a fun way to learn and test the terminologies in the same.

Access to faculty presentation

Adaptive provides access to faculty presentations, which students can use to revise the concepts taught in the class


20 hrs of Instructor Led AAC Training

The training is aligned to Agile Extension to BABoK v2.0 and comes with 30 IIBA PD Hours/CDUs. It comes with 4 sessions of 3 hours each +  live 1 hour exam prep tutorials for 4 months.

Revisit what you learned during the training

Adaptive offers AAC class recordings to watch and refresh concepts later


Over 10+ hours of AAC Video learning

Adaptive’s Learning portal, SuXeed has 100+ byte-sized learning modules (each between 5 to 15 mins). It is compatible with all devices.


Learn on the go with AAC Audiobooks!

Adaptive AAC Audiobooks are structured as per the BABoK knowledge areas and are a great resource to learn on the go


540+ AAC Chapter Based Prep Questions

This includes time based chapter end AAC practice questions and 4 full length AAC simulations comprising of 85 questions each,with multiple attempts. The simulations also come with BABoK reference and explanation for correct answers. Refer to fair usage policy.

SuXeed offers you more

Training Duration + 4 Months Access to SuXeed - Detailed AAC certification exam preparation plan on how to achieve the AAC certification in 10 weeks, AAC exam tips and tricks on how to approach the exam, areas to focus, types of AAC questions asked and more

Access to Live Exam Prep Tutorials for 4 months

Attend the exam prep tutorials and clarify all your queries with the faculty. Take the exam with complete confidence and no doubts in your mind!


We support you till you Succeed

Our Success Rate is over 97%.We are just an email/ phone call away. Our training support team and faculties are there to help you with concept clarification and any other query till you become AAC certified.

Upcoming AAC Instructor-Led Live Sessions Program Schedule

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Oct 9, 10, 16, 17 Sat & Sun 19:00 - 22:00 ET - New York Time

Live Instructor Led Training Price : $799

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Please read the entire course expectations & terms before signing up


LN Mishra CBAP

Mentor to 1000+ IIBA Certified Business Analysts. 24+ years of Professional Experience in BA. Part of IIBA V3 Exam Committee


Tom Tomasovic IIBA-AAC

Agile BA Practitioner, CPRE Certified. B.S. Chemical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 26+ years of BA experience

AAC Training Program Description

The Agile Analysis Certification (AAC) course by Adaptive US has been developed considering the growing needs of Agile business analysts to take their career to greater heights by acquiring the AAC certification.
The intense AAC certification training program crafted by expert IIBA certified instructors with over 25+ years of business analysis experience not only establishes a solid foundation on the industry best practices recommended by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) but also equips AAC aspirants to face the AAC certification examination confidently and crack it in the very first attempt.
Adaptive US’s Agile Analysis Certification (AAC) training is a highly interactive online training conducted using reliable web conferencing systems spanning over 4 weeks (4 classes of 3 hours each) + 8 Exam Prep Tutorials. Expert faculty, who are AAC certified and have been part of the IIBA v3 exam committee, conduct this intense AAC preparation training. The training is fully aligned to the Agile Extension to BABoK v2.0 developed by IIBA.

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Over the course of the AAC training, AAC aspirants will

  • Understand and learn the established agile business analysis practices that are outlined in the Agile Extension to BABoK v2.0
  • Gain competence in the Agile mindset, Methodologies and Frameworks, the 3 Agile Horizons (Strategy, Initiative, and Delivery Horizons) and the best practices outlined in the Agile Extension to BABoK v2.0
  • Master the terminologies used in the Agile Extension to BABoK v2.0
  • Acquire sound understanding of the role, competencies and skillsets required to become an effective and result-oriented Agile Business Analyst
  • Learn how to manage stakeholders effectively in an Agile environment
  • Gain practical insights into the principles and practices of agile business analysis
  • Learn how to identify and apply various tools and techniques to effectively execute analysis related work in an agile context
  • Interact with AAC certified instructors and learn how to tackle the exam through AAC practice tests and feedback.
  • Gain access to join live monthly tutorials (Q&A webinars) where participants can clarify all their doubts with AAC certified instructors.
  • Be able to demonstrate continued dedication to the profession through recertification requirements



Session Plan

Session – 1 (3 Hours Live Online Class


  • About AAC Certification
  • AAC Exam pattern
  • Principles of Agile Business Analysis
  • The Agile Mindset
  • The Agile Mindset, Methodologies, and Frameworks
  • Agile Extension to the Agile Manifesto
  • Business Analysis Core Concept Model ™ (BACCM™)
  • Seven Principles of Agile Business Analysis
  • BACCM™ and Agile Business Analysis Principles
  • Strategy, Initiative, and Delivery Horizons
  • Predictive, Iterative and Adaptive Planning
  • Questions on Agile introduction
Session – 2 (3 Hours Live Online Class)

Strategy Horizon

  • Purpose
  • Description
  • Elements
  • Feedback and Learning
  • Applying the Principles of Agile Business Analysis
  • Techniques
  • Questions on strategy horizon
Session – 3 (3 Hours Live Online Class)

Initiative Horizon

  • Purpose
  • Description
  • Elements
  • Time Frame
  • Feedback and Learning
  • Applying the Principles of Agile Business Analysis
  • Techniques
  • Questions on Initiative horizon
8 Exam Prep Tutorials(1 Hr Live OnlineClasses)

AAC Question-Answer and Concept
Clearing Session

Session – 4 (3 Hours Live Online Class)

Delivery Horizon

  • Purpose
  • Description
  • Time Frames
  • Feedback and Learning
  • Applying the Principles of Agile
  • Analysis Planning
  • Techniques
  • Mapping Agile Extension to BABoK® V3
  • Questions on Delivery horizon

Course Expectations

If you are from a non native English speaking country please note that the course expectation is to have good familiarity in English with International accents and good verbal and written English communication since the mode of the communication in the class and in the IIBA Certification exam is in English

Infrastructure requirements

  • Availability of computer with a stable power supply/back up and working mic and speaker
  • Good internet (2 Mbps speed)
  • Noise free environment

Read the complete details on infrastructure requirements here.

Other requirements

  • Education - Minimum high school pass 
  • Basic knowledge of business/IT
  • Preferably be stationed at one place (not on travel or commute)

For more FAQs on training program, please refer here.

Countries barred from IIBA exams

If you are a resident or you are currently residing in any of the below countries, you are not allowed to take IIBA exams.

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • North Korea
  • Crimea Region of Ukraine