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Ann P
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8/9/23 1:41 AM

There are 200+ training organizations those offer IIBA certification trainings. Some are large, very well-known and some are small.

At Adaptive, we have been delivering IIBA Certifications for more than 6 years, The #1 objection that we hear from many prospects is that they consider our training to be expensive.

Let's do comparison of features across the provider segment. Do rate your other training provider on following parameters along with price:

1. Does the provider provide Success Guarantee? 

Adaptive's Live Training sessions come with promise to cover 2 retake fees at no additional cost to you. This protects your interest when something goes wrong in the exam outcome.

2. Are the provider's sessions guaranteed to run?

Adaptive's sessions are guaranteed to run, thus protecting you from any such unpleasant incident.

3. Does the provider provide office hour support beyond the training session?

Adaptive provides up to 12 months fort-nightly office hours to ensure your success.

4. Does the provider provide adequate study materials such as exam prep questions and simulations?

We are proud to have the most comprehensive study resources for the IIBA certification exams - Study Guide, Multi-level questions, Simulations, Video Learning, and Flashcards. 

5. How involved is the provider in your success?

We handhold you at every step, during your preparation process, application process and post exam process as well.

It isn't unusual to have this perception and many of our past students had the same opinion as you have. 

Here is what they say after completing the program with us.
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