Capability maps - A simpler and practical approach

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8/29/17 12:00 AM


Capability maps are quite useful for any organization to understand the capabilities they need to develop to stay relevant.

However, typical capability maps offered in many business analysis books are quite difficult to understand and develop.

So we worked on a capability map that is simple to develop and intuitive.

Let's understand, what are maps and why they are useful?

Maps are essentially diagrams that guide one's journey.

Capability maps should guide an organization in its capability journey.

What would an organization need to know to develop its capability journey?

The 2 dimensions one should look at are: What are the capabilities needed by an organization and which one's are strategic in nature.

Secondly, how is the organization performing on these capabilities? This can be captured as Satisfactory vs. Needs development.

Any 2 dimensions allow us to develop a 2 by 2 matrix.

That's what we used to develop the capability map for our organization, AdaptiveUS.

As you may observe, as an organization we do have many critical capabilities that are in the green zone, such as content development, employee skills, and program delivery.

But the capability that we need to develop in priority is digital marketing capability.

Given the shift to the digital economy, digital marketing capabilities are essential for any organization, especially organizations in the knowledge economy.

If you would like to have a copy of the capability map developed in excel, do write to us at

We would love to hear from all our business analysis community as to how they have implemented capability maps in their organizations.

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