Are certificates just pieces of paper?

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3/2/22 12:00 AM

Business analysis certifications are always a very controversial topic. So we wanted to run a survey on LinkedIn to understand the opinions of fellow business analysts. More than 500 professionals participated in the poll which makes it a statistically significant result. You will find the link to the LinkedIn poll here

We compiled the responses for understanding the pulse of the community.


Karen Rotunda, Senior Business Analyst, Hunterdon Healthcare highlights the importance of these certifications. The effort and determination required to achieve these are only recognized through their own certificates. The work experience, training, and hours of studying accurately represent the hard work behind the certifications you earn. Ravikumar Krishnan, Senior Project Manager, HCL Technologies says certifications are a great way to demonstrate the effort put into the piece of work. It helps you concretize your knowledge and understand what and why the seniors think of these skills as necessary. As it is part of your skillset now, you can use these skills in your practical life.

Alex Young, Assistant Manager, Movado Group says certificates prove your fundamental learning of a subject and the degree of proficiency you demonstrate in that subject. The talk about being it a piece of paper or not depends on the personal leverage it provides to your career. Satish Kumar, Director of IT, Kaizen Knowledge Services says certification is a small step of knowledge and confidence towards the bigger picture of the career. It, in return, brings benefit and more understanding to the person concerned.

Shreyas Devarajan, Business Analyst, Community Software Solutions says a certificate is a bonafide piece of paper that acknowledges that the owner acquires specific knowledge. The translation of that knowledge into implementation form is for the individual to prove, but it is a form of validation. Robin Bains, Senior Business Consultant, Infosys Consulting, says certifications are an absolute YES to get certified as it is in high demand.

Garrie Irons, Practice Lead- Business Analysis, Local Peoples says validation of the skills is sometimes necessary. This is when certification works as a milestone. Krutidipa Khuntia, Customer Success Manager, Adaptive US says certification is the best way to build confidence. M Manoj Kutty, Assistant Manager, Movado Group Inc. says certification is the best way for foundational knowledge and standard practices to work on.

Shruti Palki, Technology Analyst, Infosys says certificates are an add-on to your career. Ananya Pani, Creator of Opportunities and Growth, Adaptive US says people often underestimate the importance of certification. As a result, they remain blind in their world until reality gives a check.

Vikram Gupta, BA Manager, Capgemini, quoted our poll on LinkedIn when he got certified by the Business Analysis Global Community Practice run by his employer.

Vikram GuptaAgainst

Shailendra Kadre, Worldwide Product Analyst Lead, HP says a degree from the IITs and MIT has more role to play in life than a certification. This is true as one invests significantly lot more time and money into a degree program (requiring multiple years and thousands of dollars), hence should not be compared to a certificate program.)

Melissa Moodally, Business Analyst, Planet Fitness considers certificates as just a piece of paper. According to Mellissa, there are many people who have an abundance of certifications but hardly use those skills in day-to-day businesses. Many professionals refrain from applying those learning for the betterment of their daily tasks and duties.

Jeff Zigman, Founder, Skill Builder writes, as someone with 10 years of experience in the business domain, I find certifications irrelevant for experienced professionals. He promotes practical knowledge with proper guidance and methodologies more than the certifications. Vaidheswaran CS, Business Analyst, New Dream Data System, writes, the value of a certification ultimately depends on its uses. Therefore, only applying the skills earned through the certifications can demonstrate the value of those certificates.


Tom Tomasovic, Consultant/Trainer at Adaptive US writes, certificates can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Some certificates are valuable, whereas some are bare 'ink on paper. But, again, it is the commitment to the domain made by those who pursue it. On the other hand, some people acquire these certificates only to "add some letters to their name." Darryl Corts, Associate Director, Cognizant says it depends on how you use it.


2 out of 3 professionals find certificates help the person get recognized for their skills and knowledge. Certificates represent your hard work, determination, compassion, and commitment to the profession. Organizations also recognize individuals for the hard work and dedication that the candidates have exhibited.

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