Certification of capability in business analysis

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11/19/17 12:00 AM

Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA) is the 2nd level certification provided by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®), Canada.

Following are some of the benefits of becoming a CCBA® :

  • Be recognized for your competency in business analysis.
  • Business analysis is fastest growing career opportunity for IT professionals.
  • People with domain experience can move into IT sector by becoming a business analyst.
  • Better job prospects.
  • Better salary.


Target Audience for CCBA®

CCBA examination targets following audience:

  • Current CCBAs
  • Level 1s
  • Those who have fallen into role
  • Developing BAs
  • Hybrid business analysts (PMs, testers, QA, change managers, designers)
  • Product owners/managers
  • Non-BA consultants
  • Trainers


Eligibility for CCBA®

  • Minimum 3750 hours of Business analysis-related work in last 7
  • Professional development: 21 hours of verifiable BABOK® coursework in last 4 years. Adaptive US is an authorized EEP of IIBA®, its training provides desired PDUs for CCBA® certification examination.
  • References: 2
  • Minimum 900 hours in each of 2 knowledge areas or 500 hrs in each of 4
  • Signed code of conduct is required.


CCBA® Question pattern

  • This will be a scenario based examination.
  • Situations will be described in 2-4 sentences
  • Multiple choice answers
  • 130 questions
  • 3 hours

Examination weightage – KA wise

Domain % Distribution
Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring 12%
Elicitation and Collaboration 20%
Requirements Life Cycle Management 18%
Strategy Analysis 12%
Requirements Analysis and Design Definition 32%
Solution Evaluation 6%

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