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8/31/17 12:00 AM


We all know CRUD  matrix (Create – Retrieve – Update and Delete) for a long time.

This was a great way to understand the basic operations of data.


However, over time, the fundamental operations of data are changed considerably.


Introducing CURIE matrix which is an improvement over CRUD matrix. It stands for Create –Update – Retrieve - Import and Export.


Why should we drop Delete?

In the most modern system, Hard Delete is not used. Hard delete removes the data from the system which cannot be easily retrieved again, hence is not highly desirable.


Instead, a variant of an update called “Soft Delete” is used. In Soft delete, a column is updated to indicate that the record has been deleted and not shown in the user interface or reports. However, such records can be retrieved later on.


Why should we add I and E?

Import and export are also becoming a very desirable feature for data operations as data can be easily interfaced to other systems.


Let me know your thoughts on this.


Have a great day!

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