Earn $20,000 More Every Year. Find How.

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5/25/18 12:00 AM

Are we just making a marketing claim?

Is there a basis for our claim?

As per the IIBA 2018 BA Salary Survey, certified BAs earn 13% more than their counterparts with equal experience levels.  (Source: IIBA salary survey 2018)

Like all products, branding plays a critical role in professional growth. It gives employers confidence that the professional is experienced in the required knowledge, skill-sets, processes, tools, and techniques.

Here are the numbers right in front of you.

(Source: IIBA salary survey report 2018-full report is available for IIBA members)

Average BA salary without certification per year: $ 69K

Average BA salary with certification per year: $ 85K (13% higher, considering all the regions)

Average Difference in salary per year: $ 16K

Note $16K is the average number - One can get up to $24,000 in your case.

Also, compute the fact that one may not be able to get a role promotion due to lack of credentials.

A role promotion can easily bring in the benefit of an additional $ 10K to 20K per year.

So we are looking at $500K potential benefit over one's BA career to one who gets certified.

Now, what’s your excuse for not getting certified?


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