Changes to ECBA Exam Pattern From 1st March 2021

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2/5/21 12:00 AM

Changes to ECBA Exam Pattern From 1st March 2021

Changes to the ECBA Certification Examination Blueprint Form 1st March 2021

IIBA® has decided to simplify the ECBA exam structure from 1st March 2021. This was a continuous request from us as Strategy analysis and Solution Evaluation knowledge areas are usually not performed by new business analysts. We are happy that our suggestion has been accepted by IIBA and finally the ECBA exam scheme is being simplified.

Communication from IIBA (in-verbatim)

In keeping with IIBA’s commitment to making continuous improvements to the certification program and in alignment with IIBA’s Standards and Best Practices, there are slight changes coming to the ECBA exam blueprint within the coming weeks.  

Here’s What’s Ahead 

Effective March 1, 2021, IIBA will start conducting the ECBA exam based on a slightly updated blueprint. The last day to take the current version is February 28, 2021. These updates focus on the areas that are most needed by a business analysis professional in their first year on the job.

Please note, with only slight modifications to the ECBA exam blueprint, current exam candidates should be comfortable taking the exam both in its current state, as well as after March 1, 2021.

Why is the ECBA Exam Blueprint Being Updated? 

Currently, there is only minor coverage in the Strategy Analysis and Solution Evaluation knowledge areas and although these are important, they are not areas of focus for new business analysis professionals based on reviews done by IIBA. 

Here’s the revised ECBA exam blueprint:

ECBA Exam Blueprint New

Will I get exam results immediately with the exam that starts on March 1, 2021?

No. The updated exam will go through a passing standard study in order to define the pass score criteria and candidates will get their results by May 1, 2021.

More FAQs About the ECBA Exam Updates

Please review IIBA’s Frequently Asked Questions About the ECBA Exam Updates for further details about these updates, including the specific differences between the current version of the exam and the version that starts on March 1, 2021.

Adaptive’s response to the change:

Negative Aspects of the Change

  1. Exam results will be significantly delayed by 2 months.

Positive Aspects of the Change

  1. The syllabus is significantly reduced with 2 knowledge areas being removed from the test – Strategy analysis and Solution Evaluation.
  2. This makes it easier for students to focus on subjects.
  3. The success probability is likely to go up as there are fewer knowledge areas to focus.

How Adaptive’s Course Structure is being modified

  1. The 2 knowledge areas (Strategy analysis and Solution Evaluation) have been marked as optional modules in our Learning System.
  2. Strategy analysis and Solution Evaluation knowledge areas will be dropped from training syllabus.
  3. Emphasis has been increased on Requirements Analysis and Design Definition and Techniques in training.
  4. Simulations are being updated to reflect the updated exam pattern.

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