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ECBA Certification Preparation in 6 weeks, Guaranteed


How to be an ECBA in 6 Weeks, Guaranteed.

ECBA Certification Preparation - IIBA introduced the much-awaited entry-level certification for business analysts, Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) in October 2016.

In a short time span of just over 2 years, more than 1100 professionals have completed ECBA certification. There are many success stories – Professionals have found BA jobs, many have been able to move to BA role.

ECBA as a Certification comes with many innovative features. Key differentiators for ECBA compared to CCBA / CBAP:

  1. Doesn't require any BA experience to appear for the exam. So any professional who is keen to learn about business analysis and get certified as a business analyst, ECBA is the perfect certification to look for.
  2. ECBA cost is also much lower in terms of certification a fee which is less than half of CCBA certification and CBAP certification.
  3. One can take the ECBA Certification examination from one’s own home so you don't have to go to any place to appear for the exam.
  4. ECBA certification does not have any requirements for re-certification unlike CCBA and CBAP
  5. IIBA does not mandate instructor-led training for ECBA.

All this has led to significant interest in ECBA over last few months. Now how does one get ready for ECBA certification?

2 essential components that you must have to master ECBA are:

  1. Clarity on the concepts of BABoK
  2. Attempt sufficient ECBA model questions.

Although IIBA allows one to take the exam without any classroom training, it will be really hard to understand the new BABoK without the help of an expert instructor. BABoK V3 is 500+ pages long and quite complex to follow. Professionals with 10+ years of business analysis experience and seasoned BAs also find it intimidating.

An expert instructor can help you to understand BABoK v3 very quickly. We strongly recommend you to go for an instructor-led ECBA Course.

Week-wise ECBA Examination Preparation Plan

Here is a week by week plan that you can follow to complete your ECBA certification.

Week 1:

  • Self-study of e-learning for BA techniques
  • Self-study of e-learning for KA 1 and 2
  • Attend ECBA Prep workshop
  • Complete concept quizzes and Drill question for KA 1 and 2

Week 2:

  • Complete concept quizzes and Drill question for BA planning
  • Self-study of e-learning for KA 3 to 6
  • Attend ECBA Prep workshop with an endorsed education provider
  • Complete concept quizzes and Drill question for KA 3 to 6

Week 3:

  • Fill-up application and book time with PSI Online
  • Read BABoK

Week 4:

  • Complete Simulation tests and review answers

Week 5:

  • Revise handbook and key concepts
  • Take simulations tests again
  • Take chapter wise questions for concepts where you need improvement

Week 6:

  • Take ECBA certification exam and Be a proud Certified BA and establish yourself in the field of Business analysis


How Adaptive can help you in your ECBA journey

Adaptive provides ECBA live online training, question banks, study guides, simulators, flashcards, audiobooks, and digital learning packs. It is the only training organization to offer success guarantee and all-inclusive plans for its workshops.

Adaptive holds 15+% of ECBA certification market share worldwide and undisputed market leader for ECBA for last 2 years. View Adaptive’s ECBA certified professionals here ECBA certified list.

Want your name in this successful list of certified professionals join us at our Success Guaranteed ECBA training 

Key facts about Adaptive US:

  1. World’s #1 ECBA training organization
  2. World’s largest BA publisher and assessments provider
  3. Premiere Partner to IIBA, Canada and IREB, Germany
  4. 100+ ECBA certified professionals, 375+ IIBA® certified
  5. 300+ BA workshops – 5000+ BAs trained


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