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Free eBook - Business Analysis Techniques Using Lucidchart

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Why this book?

Although there are many books on software Business Analysis, most of them describe the theoretical aspects of Business Analysis. Leveraging Lucid Chart for Business Analysis – An Adaptive Case Based Approach is an attempt to learn business analysis techniques from both theoretical and practical perspective.

We have used a real product development project – GRCPerfect to illustrate the techniques.

This is a very practical book and has been based on our experiences in developing our product “GRCPerfect – An Enterprise Project Governance, Risk and Compliance management system” for one of our key clients.

We are thankful to Lucid Chart for enabling us to publish the book.

You can access the book by registering free @

This book will be available in the Library section of SuXeed.

Techniques described in the book are:

  • Business capability analysis
  • Business model canvas
  • Concept modeling
  • Data flow diagrams (DFDs)
  • Data modeling
  • Decision analysis
  • Mind maps
  • Organizational modeling
  • Process modeling
  • Root-cause analysis (RCA)
  • Sequence diagrams
  • Stakeholder maps
  • Personas
  • State modeling
  • SWOT analysis
  • Use cases and scenarios

For each technique, you will find a brief description, a summary of the technique’s strengths and limitations, and example diagram templates that can be edited in Lucidchart to help you perform your analysis. 

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