I am not an MBA. Can I be a Business Analyst? Read on...

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4/5/18 12:00 AM

This is a very interesting question which pops up from many IT professionals. Somehow in the industry, there is a perception or expectation that a BA should be an MBA.​

Being an MBA always helps as a BA. As an MBA student, one is exposed to various facets of business, such as finance, accounting, human resources, sales and marketing etc. These are things that we usually do not come across if we come from a technology background.

However, when we look at business analysis from business requirements analysis perspective, it is quite advantageous to have a technology background.


Business requirements analysis essentially is used for developing system requirements for a business requirement. Professionals with technology background can actually be far more effective than a person just with business background.


Since business requirements analyst role gets fairly deep into technology, this is something that Technology folks can perform quite well. They can always enhance their capabilities by understanding an overall understanding of business.


A business analyst role and demand skills which are different from technologist’s role. In a business analyst role, one is expected to interact with several stakeholders, negotiate requirements with stakeholders, facilitate requirements elicitation sessions which require significantly higher level of skills in behavioural aspects.


Technologist who have spent 3 to 5 years in technology domain, would already be comfortable in dealing with stakeholders. Many have a knack for good communication. If you happen to enjoy interacting with stakeholders and coming up with solutions to business problems, you are probably a natural business analyst.


It is possible for one to self-develop or take some help to hone one’s business knowledge and behavioral skills. This may take anywhere between 3 months to 1 year.


Business analysis is a very valuable skill as you are able to reach out business directly instead of only reaching out to add specification document to develop your solution. It broadens one's thinking horizon.


So, do not make not having an MBA degree as a show stopper for being a business analyst. I personally know hundreds of technologists who have transitioned to a business analyst role successfully without being an MBA.


If you wish to reach out to me, do write to me at LN@AdaptiveUS.com and I would be happy to answer your queries on your business analysis career.


Bon voyage to your BA career.

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