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IIBA AAC with Success Guarantee. You must be joking!

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Sonal Singh

IIBA introduced the much-awaited Agile Analysis Certification (AAC) for agile business analysts, in June 2018. AAC as a Certification comes with many innovative features.

An ideal candidate for the AAC exam meets the following criteria:

1. Someone having an agile mindset and consistently applying it, as needed.
2. Someone who has accrued at least 2 years of experience applying agile analysis practices at the Delivery Horizon.
3. Someone who can demonstrate how feedback loops work back and forth from the Delivery Horizon to the Initiative Horizon and the Strategy Horizon.
4. Someone able to demonstrate foundational proficiency for the Strategy Horizon and Initiative Horizon.
5. Someone who has mastered basic knowledge, understand agile and follow rules – and completed the self-assessment (see ebook).
6. Someone who has successfully answered typical analysis-related outcomes and activities questions in the sample quiz.

IIBA AAC Eligibility criteria:

There are no eligibility criteria for this certification. This certification targets new entrants and mid-level BA practitioners in the agile space. IIBA recommends it for-

  • BA professionals with 2-5 years of Agile-related experience
  • Agile practitioners with 2-5 years of experience

All this has led to significant interest in IIBA AAC since its inception.

As more and more organizations are adopting agile processes, it is becoming imperative to have business analysts with professional knowledge and skills in agile analysis. This is to minimize the chances of failure of agile projects due to lack of knowledge or skills.

IIBA-AAC is competency-based and aligned with Agile Extension to BABOK guide. The Agile Extension imparts the knowledge of business agility and helps in harnessing the value of the business analyst. It is based on the main principles of agile business analysis. It contains knowledge about the three planning horizons, their interactions, and the scenarios where the business analysis techniques can be applied during different planning horizons.  The aim is to apply effective business analysis with an agile mindset and a constant focus on delivering business value.

As the suggested eligibility requirement of this exam is 2-5 years of agile related experience, this exam can prove to be a challenge for many professionals. With this in mind, Adaptive US has extended its success guarantee certification training (which is offered for ECBA, CCBA, and CBAP) for the IIBA AAC exam too.

How are we able to provide IIBA AAC with success guarantee?

  1. We have the very best faculty for our workshops. Our faculty, LN Mishra, CBAP, AAC has over  20 years of practical business analysis experience.
  2. We invested many dedicated hours to develop AAC model questions including full-length simulations.
  3. We have created the AAC Study Guide, Question Bank, Flashcards, etc. for the exam preparation.
  4. We support participants with multiple Q&A sessions until they get certified.

This will enable us to help our customers achieve their AAC certification goal with relative ease. Adaptive is the only training organization to offer success guarantee and all-inclusive plans for its workshops. 

Want your name in this successful list of certified professionals, join us at our Success Guaranteed AAC training Calendar.

Register free on our learning portal to access sample IIBA AAC Study Guide, Question Bank, and various other learning materials.


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