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    • Sprint should not contain requirements. Disagree? Read on.
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    Sprint should not contain requirements. Disagree? Read on.

    Written by:             Published on: Aug 31, 2017 12:00:00 AM

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    In tons and tons of agile literature, we all have been told that during a sprint, team completes requirements, design, development, testing and deployment.


    Looks so picture perfect.


    But does it really happen in real projects?

    To me, I have worked on projects which are following sprint based approach but we do not work on requirements in the same sprint.


    Same case when I talk to my fellow requirements engineers / business analysts from other companies.


    It is indeed a near impossible task to complete requirements in the current sprint.


    The reason is simple: Design, development, coding, testing and deployment is under team’s control, requirement is not.


    Requirements need much more deliberation with stakeholders. Many often stakeholders themselves may not be clear about the requirements themselves.


    It makes immense sense to work on requirements one or two sprints prior to the sprint for development. That way the product owner / business analyst gets the required time to build consensus on the requirements.


    It will be good if we say what actually happens than describing an impractical approach.


    Let me know your thoughts on this.


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