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    Top 100 Reusable Requirements | Become an efficient Business Analyst

    Written by:             Published on: Oct 30, 2017 12:00:00 AM

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    All of us realize the value of re-use. Re-use saves cost and improves quality. But when it comes to reusing requirements, I hardly hear any organization making a planned effort to re-use requirements. 

    In this regard, I felt, let us start with set of requirements which are highly likely to be re-used. If we can identify them and catalog them, we can definitely find projects which would have implemented them. 

    So in future, when we encounter such requirements, we simply refer to our catalog. I started and enumerated 25 common requirements that I came across as a BA. I would urge my fellow BAs to update the list. Once we hit 100, we do have a great list to refer. 

    Here is my 25 to the list.

    1. Authentication
    2. Search
    3. Date validation
    4. Currency conversion
    5. Printing
    6. Import - Excel, Word, PDF, MPP
    7. Export - Excel, Word, PDF, MPP
    8. Data encryption
    9. Data validations - Text, Number, Email
    10. SMS integration
    11. Email integration
    12. Image compression
    13. Storing of artifacts
    14. Privilege allocation
    15. Holidays schedule
    16. List of countries
    17. List of states in various countries
    18. Phone codes for various countries
    19. Multi-language support
    20. Multi-currency support
    21. Date comparison
    22. Social integrations - Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+
    23. Maps
    24. Units of measure conversions
    25. Currency conversions

    Do add your reusable requirements to the above list.

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