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10/18/21 12:00 AM

Are you an aspiring Product Owner struggling to find a Product Owner job?

Are you getting rejected in the PO interviews or not even getting shortlisted?

Are you a new PO trying to learn all the skills in order to perform your job with efficiency and confidence?

Are you eagerly looking at starting your PO career or even transitioning to one?

You may find yourself in one or more of the above situations and you may have...

❌ Enrolled in many courses, followed all the PO job tips that you came across, but you just couldn’t find the PO job that you wanted…

❌ Tried posting your CV on multiple job sites and also applied for any PO job opening that you came across, but none of them translated into an interview call…

❌ Struggled to clear the job interview which you got with so much difficulty…

❌ Been overlooked for PO roles even within your current organization…

❌ Got caught in the vicious cycle of lack of experience and inability to project value to your future employer…

This can undoubtedly be frustrating and life may even seem complicated. You feel like no matter what you try, nothing seems to be working and you are never going to get your dream PO job.

Well, if you are an aspiring Product Owner looking at ways to start off on the right foot in one of the fastest-growing professions with an all-time high growth rate of 14% from 2014-2024, this blog is for you. The good news is that a Product Owner’s job is in high demand and one of the reasons for this demand is because of the fact that a PO’s job cannot be automated owing to the nature of the job.

So, when job comes with stiff competition and you aspire to kick start your career as a PO, how do you maximize your chances and set yourself apart from the crowd?

Would it be sufficient to just project whatever experience you have or would you need to do something more?

Well, the answer is…to grab that dream PO job, there's no better way than to be prepared, get skilled, certified and project your capabilities in the professional environment.

Here are some facts to substantiate the claim:

  • CPOA is the world’s most recognized entry-level PO certification
  • Product Owner professionals earn $139K on an average
  • Top-notch companies across the globe prefer hiring certified PO professionals
  • An investment of about $1000 can make you richer by $20,000 or more. 
  • CPOA trained and certified professionals can successfully land in their first dream PO jobs
  1. CPOA is the world’s most recognized entry-level PO certification
  • The best way to start a career in Product Ownership is by getting yourself formally skilled and recognized by the leading authority in business analysis, IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis). The CPOA Certification from IIBA is particularly designed for newbies in the Product Ownership. Getting CPOA certified would lay a strong foundation on product ownership domains. It recognizes individuals who are ready to develop PO skills, knowledge and behaviors as practicing PO professionals and enhances employability prospects considerably.
  1. PO professionals earn $100K+ on an average
  • By investing in becoming a trained and certified CPOA professional, you not only learn the PO skillsets, industry best practices, tools and techniques outlined in the POA Guide. You also get an edge over your counterparts. 

3. Companies prefer employing certified PO Professionals

  • Studies after studies have proven that lack of required skills and accreditations affects one’s job search. Thorough training on business analysis skills coupled with a credible certification from an internationally acclaimed organization like IIBA can propel one’s job search process and enhance employability prospects as employers typically look for knowledge on Product Ownership Processes, knowledge on PO Tools and Techniques along with verifiable credentials when they hire junior POs.

Companies across the globe prefer hiring CPOA professionals for entry-level BA jobs as it

  • Establishes credibility of the professional
  • Is an independent validation of the competencies and skills of the PO by the most reputed global body for the PO domain, IIBA
  • Establishes a solid foundation on industry best practices and enables them to exhibit greater confidence in performing roles and responsibilities
  • Demonstrates dedication to the profession and showcases the commitment the individual has put into preparing and clearing the exam
  • Saves time, resources and effort to train and upskill the PO professional.


4. Not skilling yourself at the right time makes you poorer by $40,000 or more

  • As aspiring PO, it is important to evaluate the return on any investment that we make regarding our careers.
  • Now that you know the importance of getting trained and certified to increase your chances of landing in your first PO job, what do you lose by not acting on it?
  • There could also be possibilities of not getting called for an interview without the essential PO skillsets. All this could result in mental agony, lowered confidence, feeling of dejection and more…thus, taking you away from your dream BA career goal.
  • You are paying a cost of $3k per month at the minimum if you don’t solve this problem!!
  • At this point, it’s totally worth mentioning the ROI – both tangible and intangible that one obtains upon becoming an CPOA certified professional.

BAs worldwide have reported that CPOA certification not only increased their chances of getting called for interviews but also enabled them to bag their first PO job.  In addition, CPOA certified professionals also experience increased confidence and fulfillment owing to enhanced PO skills.

5. Amazing career transformations of those who have done it!

  • 90% of our students have experienced spectacular results after undergoing our training and here are some amazing cases of career transformation that they shared with us.


UNTIL YOU DECIDE TO BREAK THE CYCLE, get off the treadmill and change things, the chances of succeeding in a highly competitive world remains nil.

Now, the number of PO openings may not be within your control but upskilling yourself and doing what it takes to project your capabilities and stand out amidst the crowd is very much under your control. It is high time you make a new choice, and pursue your new outcome!

So what’s stopping you? Are you turning a blind eye to your career?


Start your success journey today.

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