Key Business analysis deliverables

As per BABoK, there are many deliverables that business analysts are responsible for. Many often new practitioners for business analysis get a bit confused about what do these documents actually contain. This article lists 13 key business analysis deliverables for IT business analysts.

It is perfectly possible for us to combine few documents if they belong to the same category and combined volume is manageable. Here is a short description of the deliverables and their contents:

BA Management related

1. Business analysis approach (High-level plan) – Contains activity, schedule, and effort for all BA activities

2. Stakeholder register – Contains details of stakeholders

3. BA collaboration plan – How to collaborate with stakeholders

4. BA communication plan – Approach and schedule of BA communications

5. Business analysis governance plan (Requirements management plan) – Requirements structure, traceability requirements, stakeholders list, roles, and responsibilities

6. Business case – Justification for investment

8. Traceability matrix – Linking requirements to the source, implementation artifacts.

9. Solution validation report – A report indicating proposed solution fulfilled desired business requirements

Requirements related

10. Business requirements – High-level requirements from business (owner) perspective

11. Stakeholder requirements – Requirements elicited from stakeholders. Usually contain process flows, UIs, business rules etc.

12. Solution requirements – Requirements developed for implementing the solution – Usually much bigger in size than first two requirements. Can contain detailed UI, report models. Divided into 2 groups – Functional requirements and Non-functional requirements.

13. Transition requirements – Requirements needed to migrate from current system to new system (Typically data migration and training requirements).

I will be eager to know if you have found other deliverables which have helped you to do a better business analysis.

Happy reading and have a wonderful day. Do provide your suggestions and comments.

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