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    Successful Product Professional

    CPOA Certification Training


    CPOA training & certification enhances your employability by demonstrating a solid understanding of the Product Ownership Analysis Fundamentals.

    With Adaptive's expert support, become a proud CPOA in the very first attempt!

    CPOA Certification Training Overview

    Adaptive’s CPOA Certification Training course provides highly focused exam preparation support for IIBA Level 1 – CPOA exam candidates through sessions fully aligned to the IIBA CPOA along with Exam Preparation Tutorials.

    This is a highly interactive training conducted by CPOA qualified expert instructors.

    The learning resources, study plan, exam tips, question bank and exam simulators are fully aligned to the CPOA exam pattern and equips CPOA aspirants to prepare effectively, identify areas of weakness and face the CPOA certification examination confidently.

    What You Will Learn

    • CPOA Exam Preparation Process
    • In-depth understanding of Product Ownership Analysis, Framework, Context and 25+ techniques in IIBA-CPOA
    • Understand roles and responsibilities of a POA practitioner and how to apply Agile and product ownership analysis 
    • Practice CPOA knowledge based questions
    • CPOA exam application process
    • Tips to ace the exam in the first attempt

    Target Audience

    The CPOA certification training is suitable for individuals who work as Product Owners/Business Analysis Professional, support Product Owners in their work, execute Product Ownership related work, those considering a Product Owner career path, current CCBAs/CBAPs

    Training Program Eligibility

    • Good command over English language and good knowledge of business and IT
    • Computer with mic and speaker
    • High speed internet (> 2 Mbps) and noise-free stationary environment
    • Residents of Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Crimea Region of Ukraine are not eligible to take IIBA exams


    I wish to thank all at Adaptive US for their enthusiasm and support in teaching us the theory and the real-world application of BA content. Adaptive US provides an excellent platform to cover the breadth of material needed to complete an IIBA certification. Their study aids make for an engaging learning process.

    Fred Rickaby


    I highly recommend Adaptive for IIBA certification. The library of videos and books will help you with your business analysis certification and prepare for job interviews. The team was always available via email when I needed help or needed any information. Thank you for helping me out with my BA certification!

    Divya Venugopalan


    Adaptive has always been the driving force behind me being able to not just pass my IIBA exams but always score in the higher tier of candidates who pass the exam. The CPOA guide was a timely release that summarized the Guide to POA perfectly - absolutely instrumental in ensuring CPOA certification was a quick win.

    Mohamed Aamir Hussain


    A big thanks to the whole Adaptive US Team for their excellent work in helping in people development and supporting the BA community. The portal is so rich with resources - study guide, videos, questions etc. which aided me in passing the CPOA exam in my first try.

    Mohammed Azmy Ateia


    The training and the instructors were exceptional. The website has everything you need to study for certification (study guide, questions, videos, tutorials etc.). I would definitely recommend Adaptive US as an educational partner in learning Business Analysis!

    Michele Williams


    I'm very happy to share that I have successfully passed the IIBA-CPOA exam and I am now certified. Special thanks to Adaptive US, especially Mr. LN Mishra for the great exam preparation materials and exam tips which helped me face the exam confidently and ace it.

    Ahmed Taha


    CPOA Certification Training Key Deliverables

    100% Session Run Guaranteed CPOA Training

    Our sessions are guaranteed to run. 
    We stick our neck out for you. We succeed with your success and fail with your failure.

    IIBA approved courseware

    Adaptive provides downloadable courseware comprising of IIBA CPOA Guide based Study guide, Glossary, Instructor presentations and more.

    IIBA CPOA based Study Guide

    Compact CPOA Study Guide with IIBA CPOA essentials to ace the CPOA exam - save up to 40% of your preparation time!

    Make learning fun with CPOA Flashcards

    Adaptive CPOA Flashcards are structured as per the Guide to POA chapters and are a fun way to learn and test the terminologies of IIBA CPOA

    24 hours of Live Instructor Led CPOA Training

    Aligned to IIBA CPOA. Comes with 21 IIBA PD hours/CDUs, 4 sessions of 3 hrs each + live 1 hr fortnightly exam prep tutorials for 6 months.

    Revisit what you learned 

    Adaptive offers CPOA live class recordings. Watch anytime, anywhere and refresh concepts as you prepare.

    6+ hours of CPOA Video learning

    Adaptive’s Learning Portal has 70+ short e-learning modules covering CPOA concepts and techniques that are compatible with all devices. 

    Learn on the go with CPOA Audiobooks!

    Adaptive CPOA Audiobooks are structured as per the POA domains and are a great resource to learn on the go.

    We support you till you Succeed

    Our 1st Attempt Success Rate is 97%+. Our expert team is here to support you till you become CPOA certified!

    Exhaustive 440+ CPOA Practice Questions

    Chapter end CPOA practice questions & 4 full-length CPOA simulations (60 Q each) with answer explanation. 

    Adaptive LMS offers you more

    One stop solution to all your learning needs. This program comes with 180+ days access to Adaptive's Comprehensive LMS.

    Live Exam Prep Tutorials for 6 months

    Sit for the exam confidently by attending 12 fortnightly exam prep tutorials post training & clarifying all your queries with the faculty.

    Access to instructor presentations

    Downloadable instructor presentations in the form of handouts to take notes during the class, revise and reinforce the concepts taught!


    Session Plan

    Session – 1 (3 Hours Live Online Class)
    • Participant and Faculty Introductions
    • Course Intro and Test Taking Tips
    • Intro to Product Ownership Analysis
    • Agile Product Management
    • Key Terminologies
    • Domains and Techniques Overview


    Session – 2 (3 Hours Live Online Class)
    • Backlog Refinement
    • Business Cases
    • Collaborative Games
    • Decision Modelling and Analysis
    • Focus Groups
    • Human-Centred Design for Products
    • Job Stories
    • Kano Analysis
    • Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
    • Minimal Viable Product
    • Non-Functional Requirements Analysis
    • Persona
    • Product Backlog Management
    • Product Roadmap
    • Real Options
    • Reviews
    • Risk Analysis and Management
    • Spikes
    • Stakeholder Lists and Maps
    • Story Mapping
    • Value Modelling
    • Value Stream Mapping
    Session – 3 (3 Hours Live Online Class)
    • The POA Framework

      • Apply Foundational Concepts
      • Cultivate Customer Intimacy
      • Engage the Whole Team
    Session – 4 (3 Hour Live Online Class)
    The POA Framework
    • Make an Impact
    • Deliver Often
    • Learn Fast
    • Obsess about Value
    12 Exam Prep Tutorials (1 Hour Live Online Classes)
    • Concept clarification and questions discussion with faculty


    Mentor to 1150+ IIBA Certified Business Analysts. 24+ years of Professional Experience in BA. Part of IIBA V3 Exam Committee


    Tom Tomasovic ECBA, CBDA, AAC, CPOA

    Agile BA Practitioner, CPRE Certified. B.S. Chemical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 26+ years of BA experience




    Upcoming CPOA Instructor-Led Live Sessions Program Schedule

    For corporate group training, please send your request to

    USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, India

    ET (New York Time)


    Starts 12th Aug 2022 12-Aug (Fri) - 7:00 PM
    19-Aug (Fri) - 7:00 PM
    26-Aug (Fri) - 7:00 PM
    02-Sep (Fri) - 7:00 PM


    (7 PM – 10 PM ET)

    USD 799

    12 Live Exam Prep Tutorials over the next 6 months

    Please read the terms before signing up

    What is CPOA and Why should you become a CPOA?

    The Certificate in Product Ownership Analysis (CPOA) recognizes the combination of Business Analysis, Product Ownership and an Agile mentality, in order to maximize value. CPOA gives students the opportunity to learn key concepts for creating successful products. Product Ownership Analysis (POA) entails the application of specific procedures as well as the development of important competencies, and it gives the framework, tools, techniques, approaches, and basic Agile values to Product Owners, Proxy Product Owners, and team members.

    CPOA certificate programme gives professionals the opportunity to learn key principles that will help them manage the hurdles of designing successful products and gives them tactical skills to improve product development processes armed with the knowledge of important tools and methodologies.


    How CPOA credential gives an edge?

    Products offers tremendous opportunities to improve businesses. Product Owner Analyst is a role where one can contribute to the organization's strategy, its offerings, its revenue, and its margin by developing successful products. It offers great opportunity to interact with many stakeholders, develop innovative solutions and improving existing products.

    The demand for Product Analysts is at an all-time high and the benefits are worth taking-up product analysis as a career choice.

    As a Product Analyst, one will always have a challenging and a new job role or project in hand due to the uniqueness of each problem in varied companies. The CPOA certification from IIBA is a popular certification for jump-starting a career as a Product Analyst. Some of the benefits of getting CPOA certified are:

    • CPOA is framed rightly to suit the needs of an entry level Product Owner Analyst focusing on requirements analysis, modelling, requirements life cycle management with good amount of emphasis on modeling concepts and tools. According to the 2020 IIBA Salary Survey Report, professionals with CPOA Certification earn 11% more than non-certified professionals.
    • CPOA is an established credential and makes a Product Analyst's competence known and recognized globally by peers and management.
    • It provides better career growth and job opportunities
    • The knowledge and skills acquired through the CPOA certification enables one to become an effective and efficient BA.
    • It demonstrates continuous dedication to the profession to prospective employers.
    • It helps POs achieve reliable, quality results with enhanced efficiency and consistency.
    • Business Analysis is one of the highest growing occupations, with 14% growth projected between 2014-2024 *Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • It also gives a positive feeling and enhanced confidence about achieving a milestone in one's PO career.
    What is the CPOA eligibility criteria?

    The CPOA certification from IIBA is aimed at business analysis professionals who are new to the product analysis space. It is a competency-based certification based on CPOA Guide.

    • No Work Experience required
    • No prior domain expertise required.
    • Agree to Code of Conduct. Agree to Terms and Conditions.
    • No references required


    Adaptive US provides CPOA application review and filing support too. As part of the Adaptive US CPOA training program, the coach will guide you through the entire CPOA application filing process.


    Who is the target audience for CPOA course?
      The ECBA certification is for:
    • Individuals who want to become a BA
    • Students enrolled in BA academic programs
    • Professionals transitioning into business analysis
    • Functional managers who manage BAs
    How to file the CPOA Examination Application?

    The application for CPOA Certification Exam happens through the IIBA website. The detailed steps on how to fill the IIBA application form in the IIBA website can be found here

    What is the CPOA Exam pattern like?

    The CPOA certification is achieved after appearing for the CPOA exam, which is 1.5 hours long. The exam has 60 multiple choice questions with only one correct option. The CPOA comprises of knowledge-based questions.

    What is the CPOA certification cost?

    The ECBA cost is as follows:
    First attempt ECBA exam fee is $110.00 USD for IIBA members and $235.00 USD for non-members, plus GST/HST for Canadian residents.
    ECBA Certification Cost - Components and break up:

      IIBA Member Non-Member
    Membership fee As per the country of residence (Between $55 to $139)  
    Exam Fee $250USD $375 USD ($125 more than members)
    How many hours of preparation do I need to appear for the CPOA exam?

    We typically recommend 60-80 hours of preparation after attending the CPOA training session. Follow the below given process to ace the exam:

    • Prepare a schedule and stick to the schedule (Download the CPOA exam study preparation plan from SuXeed)
    • Start your preparation with the Adaptive CPOA study guide
    • Take up one chapter at a time from the Adaptive US CPOA Study guide and test your understanding with the chapter end knowledge-based questions
    • Complete the IIBA application filing 
    • Revise the concepts by reading the Adaptive US CPOA Study guide 2/3 times
    • Attempt the 4 Adaptive US CPOA simulations comprising of 60 questions and review incorrect answers. In total, Adaptive provides 400+ CPOA model questions to test your preparation
    • Once you score about 85%+ in the CPOA model questions, you are ready to appear for the CPOA exam
    • Book your exam dates 3 or 4 weeks later, preferably on a Monday
    • Take the exam and become a proud holder of the CPOA credential
    What is the IIBA code of conduct?

    All candidates who wish to take IIBA certifications must read and agree to a mandatory Code of Conduct prior to applying in order to be able to proceed with your application. For more information on this, please visit:

    Is there a discount on exam fees for IIBA members?

    There is 125 USD discount for IIBA members on the examination fees.

    What is the CPOA exam passing score?

    There is no official data from IIBA to answer this question as IIBA does not disclose this information. However, from our experience and the experience of our past CPOA participants, we know that it is safe to assume that the ECBA exam passing score is more than 70%. Hence, we suggest targeting 85%+ in the CPOA mock tests in order to be successful in the CPOA final exam.

    Can I do self-paced study and pass the CPOA exam?

    Yes. It is allowed.

    How will I know if I passed the CPOA exam?

    The CPOA  exam candidates will be notified immediately on screen once they submit their computer-based exam. For those who fail the exam, they will be provided with additional information, specifically the domains that require their attention.

    How many times can I attempt the exam?

    You may take the exam up to 3 times within the 1-year application expiry period. There is no wait time between exam sittings. If you take the exam all 3 times and do not pass, you must wait until your application expires before you can reapply.

    Why should you pursue CPOA Certification?
    • CPOA certificate programme gives professionals the opportunity to learn key principles that will help them manage the hurdles of designing successful products.
    • By acquiring core POA abilities, this certificate assists professionals who work as product owners, support product owners in their job, execute product ownership related activities, or are considering product ownership as a career route to reach their goals.
    • CPOA Certificate holders will obtain tactical skills to improve product development processes armed with knowledge of important tools and methodologies such as product roadmaps, value stream mapping, user storey mapping, minimum viable product, and storey decomposition.


    • Integrating product ownership and business analysis 
    • Understanding roles and responsibilities in product management 
    • Applying Agile and product ownership analysis 

    Our students have come from all across the world

    Abu-Dhabi , Addis-Abbaba , Adelaide , Algiers , Amsterdam , Athens , Atlanta , Auckland , Austin , Bagota , Baltimore , Bangalore , Bangkok , Barcelona , Beijing , Berlin , Birmingham , Boston , Brasilia , Brisbane , Bristol , Brussels , Budapest , Buenos-Aires , Cairo , Calgary , Canberra , Caracas , Charlotte , Chennai , Chicago , Cologne , Colombo , Columbus , Copenhagen , Dallas , Denver , Detroit , Doha , Dubai , Dublin , Dusseldorf , Edinburgh , Edmonton , Florence , Frankfurt , Hague , Hamburg , Helsinki , Hong Kong , Hongkong , Houston , Hyderabad , Islamabad , Istanbul , Jakarta , Jeddah , Johannesburg , Kansas City , Kinshasa , Lagos , Las Vegas , Lima , Lisbon , London , Los Angeles , Luxembourg , Lyon , Madrid , Manchester , Manila , Marseille , Melbourne , Miami , Milan , Milwaukee , Minneapolis , Montreal , Moscow , Mumbai , Munich , Nairobi , Nashville , New Delhi , New Orleans , New York , Nuremberg , Ontario , Orlando , Osaka , Oslo , Ottawa , Paris , Perth , Philadelphia , Phoenix , Portland , Prague , Raleigh , Rio de Janeiro , Riyadh , Rome , Sacramento , Saint Petersburg , Salt Lake City , San Antonio , San Diego , San Francisco , San Jose , Santiago , Sao Paulo , Seattle , Seoul , Shanghai , Sharjah , Singapore , St.Louis , Stockholm , Stuttgart , Sydney , Tampa , Tel Aviv , Tokyo , Toronto , Valencia , Vancouver , Venice , Vienna , Warsaw , Washington DC , Wellington , Zurich

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