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At Adaptive US we believe that all of our customers are partners in our mission, their perception is our reality. With a 97+% success rate in the IIBA certification exam, Adaptive’s ECBA certification training is one of the best in the market.

With a 4.9 average rating from over 150 Google Reviews and other social media reviews, our customer testimonials speak volumes about the quality of our study material and training. Adaptive has proven competence and great resources for anyone wishing to undergo training in business analysis.

Read our customer reviews to learn how our excellent training changed their careers…

“I want to thank Adaptive US for the excellent work they are doing on preparation tools for IIBA certifications.
I’ve successfully used their preparation tools for ECBA, AAC and CBAP.
Best IIBA certifications training team, Great Job !”

Assane BA, MBA, M. Sc
IT Director, IT Project Manager / CGI

From day one, Adaptive US was incredibly supportive and responsive. I found out, last minute, that an ECBA would significantly bolster my career prospects and that led me to find Adaptive through a Quora answer of theirs that explained that it could all be done in 6 weeks. With their course and material, I proud to say that I had it done in that 6 weeks so for those looking to give them a shot, I highly recommend them!

For the best experience and chance of attaining certification on your first chance, I highly recommend you don’t skimp out on their packages though. I had a tight budget and wanted to reduce costs wherever I could but after a few quick calculations, realised that it’d be cheaper to get a more comprehensive package from Adaptive to improve my chances of passing than have to rewrite the exam and I’m glad I went that route. My pros/highlights for their course was:

1. Flash cards:
They came in incredibly handy and helped me familiarise myself with BABOK terms and processes. I’d usually use them when waiting for sleep or whenever I had some time to burn 🙂

2. Online class:
When I initially heard that they would be 4 hours, I was worried I might pass out during them but, I’ll be the first to admit that they were actually quite engaging and more often than not, felt more like an hour or 2 as opposed to 4; their greatest value are the real life experiences that your tutor shares and links the material to making everything clearer. The tutors ask directed questions too so best believe you’ll just embarrass yourself if you do sleep.

3. Question banks:
This is the real gold. Particularly their pass requirement. For those attempting an ECBA, do NOT attempt the exam without passing all the questions. It’s tempting to think that you can cram the answers but multiple choice is designed to trip you up if you do just that. Only after cramming but failing some MCQs did I come to realise that understanding the material was the only way to success and that meant focusing on learning why I got questions wrong as opposed to just learning the answers. More question banks provided more learning opportunities so don’t skimp out on them.

4. Mind map:
If the question banks were the gold, the mind maps were the gold detector. Adaptive’s team has gone through the effort of creating mind maps they recommend and it took me a while to realise why my tutor kept recommending we use them. If anything, I’m actually upset I hadn’t started looking at them earlier. The BABOK is massive and with limited time, Adaptive’s mind maps for BABOK make it significantly easier to mentally arrange the material. I’m certain I could’ve written and passed my ECBA in 4 or even 5 weeks had I looked at the mind maps earlier. They are literally the map and foundation of the learning material.

My only cons are that their site can be a bit tricky to navigate for the first time and the AI voice in the pre-recorded videos and audio files. Do note that I don’t even like listening to the likes of Siri so it’s not a deal breaker, but it definitely wasn’t my cup of tea. Fortunately, depending on your package, you can get access to your private class recordings posted on YouTube after each session and those I can recommend.

Overall, Adaptive definitely gives you everything you need to pass and not only that, they do it in such a manner that you don’t feel like a transaction but part of their family. I really appreciate their friendly attitudes and eagerness to assist all round (I had a payment hiccup and without making a fuss, they promptly refunded me within 24 hours!)

Let me finally bring this to a close by saying that I actually enjoyed myself so much that Adaptive US will be my first choice again when I come back for my CBAP. So to the Adaptive team, thank you!!

Kuda Kamushinda
Junior Business Analyst / Magret Foundation Holdings

I got the reference of Adaptive from IIBA’s site and they were really quick on responding to my inquiries. I attended the ECBA workshop and found the sessions were very informative. The simplified version of BABOK v3.0 by Adaptive and other materials such as question banks and guides are simply amazing that helped me understand the Business Analysis concepts easily. And must say the coaching of LN Mishra sir is remarkable. The sessions were full of illustrations and real-life examples that helped to grasp the concepts quickly. I would undoubtedly recommend Adaptive to people who are genuinely looking to shape their career in Business Analysis and get certifications.

** DOUBLE THUMBS UP** to Adaptive team and LN Mishra sir.

Saurabh Raval
Senior Technical Product Manager | IIBA® Certified Business Analyst | Agile Product Owner / Sabre Corporation

Adaptive was instrumental in my passing the ECBA exam. LN was an amazing instructor who took the time to teach us the skills, but how to apply them. He filled the classes with practical examples, made an interactive learning environment, and challenged us as we tackled the material. I wouldn’t have passed had it not been for Adaptive and LN.

Sarah Beasley
Sr. Business Process Analyst / Seagate Technology

It was a great learning experience attending the ECBA session conducted by Adaptive US. They have the best in class and very responsive Faculty.

Ismail Zabiullah
Digital Marketing Executive / Adaptive US Inc.

I purchased Adaptive’s question bank and test simulator after completing a competitors self pace course and not feeling comfortable that I would pass the exam. After completing and reviewing all of Adaptive’s simulation I felt more than ready for the test… and i passed the first time around! Would definitely recommend!

Patricia Anaya
Transfer Pricing Manager / EY

Had a great experience choosing them as source of information for BA certification. Just passed ECBA and thank you guys for the help.

Vlad Montil

With the help of Adaptive team (Peter, Lora and LN) I was able to pass get my ECBA certificate. I highly recommend their online courses. Thanks guys!

Talal Seroor
Project Manager | Business Analyst / University of Western Australia
Sherlon Desabaye
Service Desk Technician / Rogers Communications

I am thankful to Adaptive to make my ECBA experience so smooth. They have proven competence and great resources for anyone wishing to undergo training on business analysis.
They are very responsive and ready to help at any hour.

Namita Kasbekar
Associate Consultant / Capgemini

Adaptive US ECBA program made studying easy for me. After the instructor-let courses, and the learning tools the practice tests took away my anxiety of test day and I was fully prepared. I was able not only pass the exam on the first try, but I didn’t second guess any of my answers.

Carin Chapman
Implementation Manager / Comcast Business

Adaptive US ECBA course is amazing, the instructor-led classes, the material, the videos and, the test quizzes are all so through that when you test it feels no different then taking one of the quizzes at Adaptive. Follow the study guide in the course and you will have no problem passing your test the first time. I am so pleased with the course that I am signing up for the CCBA course this May for the instructed-led classes in August.

Shelly Johnson
Business Analyst / Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.

Adaptive CBAP study materials(Texts, Videos, Practice Exams etc) made my certification process easier than what I had gathered from friends who used different materials.

Highly recommended.

Austin A

I used the question bank to write my ECBA exam. It was extremely helpful. I have a hard time with multiple choice exams but after studying from the question bank I did not have any anxieties and passed the exam with no problem. Thank you for your help

Gina Lamoureux
superviseur de production / Grass Valley, a Belden Brand

I registered for the ECBA course, however during the course I realized that I could use much of my experience towards the CCBA as the work I have been doing is business analysis under a different title.
I received very helpful advice from the instructors. The training course was great, I enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from you, Lora and Peter, and even from course mates. The course material and study guides were excellent as well.
Thank you for everything, the course was definitely worth its value and more!

Angelica De Leon
Technical Business and Data Analyst/Customer Engineer / PerfectLaw

As an aspiring BA, I was finding it difficult to understand BABoK through just self-studying. With a full-time job it was also very hard to find the time and stick to a schedule. After months of searching, I am so thankful that I stumbled upon Adaptive US. The lectures were easy to understand and made going through BABoK easy. The study guide and study plan saved me so much time and helped me remain focused. The extensive knowledge base offers so much more other than just preparation for the certification and lectures. The simulations offered are a great way to get an idea of what the test environment and the questions will be like. The service team was excellent- answering my every question as soon as they can, no matter how many times I approached them, with whatever questions I could think of.
I would recommend Adaptive US for your preparation for IIBA certifications. 🙂

Ineha Thind,ECBA, CSPO
Junior Business Analyst / Collabo Inc.

I used the question bank to write my ECBA exam. It was extremely helpful. I have a hard time with multiple choice exams but after studying from the question bank I did not have any anxieties and passed the exam with no problem. Thank you for your help

Gina Lamoureux

99 % material, 40% volume. Indeed a great way to pass IIBA certifications. A great confidence booster with relevant questions and lucid videos. Within 20 days of enrolling into the Adaptive self learning pack, I was confident that I could pass the exam. I set the date and I was so much confident with my preparation that I actually preponed the date to 12 days earlier. All thanks to the great study material from Adaptive US. I am looking for the next level now.

Priyanka Paul
Salesforce Certified Admin | IIBA- ECBA Certified| Experienced Business Systems Analyst / ResMed
Had a great experience choosing them as a source of information for BA certification. Just passed ECBA and thank you guys for the help.
Vladimir Montil
System Analyst / Automotive Management Services

What you put into this course is what you will get out of this course. With the clear and simple plan from Adaptive I was able to pass my ECBA on the first try. Thanks, Adaptive

Sherlon Desabaye
Service Desk Technician / Rogers Communications

I purchased Adaptive’s question bank and test simulator after completing a competitors self pace course and not feeling comfortable that I would pass the exam. After completing and reviewing all of Adaptive’s simulation I felt more than ready for the test… and i passed the first time around! Would definitely recommend!

Patricia Anaya
Transfer Pricing Senior / EY

Adaptive made ECBA journey very easy. Practice question papers gave good confidence to appear for the exam. The trainers are very prompt in answering questions. Overall, it was a great experience.

Nethra Jayaraman
Human Resources and Marketing / Lawrence Humane Society

I started my career as a software engineer however I was always inclined towards consulting roles. ECBA course introduced me to the thorough knowledge of Business Analysis standards and techniques but what proved to be more practical was the mentoring from experienced BAs during Adaptive Workshops. I value the training behind the certificate which boosted my confidence and helped me to transition the career path. Being a certified BA definitely gives you that edge.

Shreya Bhoyar
CRM Consultant / Aurea Software

Great! I’ve bought ECBA test bank and I’ve passed the exam without any problem! Totally recommend

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Mariana de Albuquerque Veloso Machado

Pros – 1. Very knowledgeable and experienced trainer
2. Great material and an online platform to test your knowledge before your ECBA exam
Cons – 1. Online platform has some defects such as the files are not arranged with the correct folder

Personally , i would recommend Adaptive to everyone preparing for ECBA. I cleared my exam a few days back and Adaptive had a crucial role to play for the same.

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Ujjwal Dheer
Passionate problem solver|IIBA certified Business Analyst|KPMG certified Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt|Seeking new challenges Prayas Children - India /Mumbai, Maharashtra, /India

Awesome learning experience with LN and as a beginner I have gained a lot of skills in regards to business analysis and the best part is the discussion of real-time scenarios that the participants put forward.


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Sundramoorthy Sutharsan
Business Analyst Trimonkies/Toronto/Canada

Highly recommend this company for your Business Analysis training needs. Exposure to their confluence of BABOK and “real world” experience proved most valuable with my exam preparations.

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Aaron Sacharow
IT Project Manager Seminole Gaming Administation/ Hollywood, Florida/USA

Great ECBA workshop! The effort and expertise that LN brought to the workshop was excellent. It was very informative, well presented and enjoyable. Each and every information delivered in an excellent manner. There were many great tools and techniques shared with us.
I would highly recommend Adaptive Processes.

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Rakesh Kardile
Consultant Infogain /Mumbai/India

​I am very glad to have chosen Adaptive Processes for my ECBA certification training. The best part is their personal touch and the care they take at every stage. The learning portal has enough of content and questions for me to prepare for my certification. I loved the sessions with Mr.LN Mishra, we were a diverse group of people in the class that brought in different perspectives to diff topics in BABoK and BA techniques.

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Sarah Naziya

I am so happy with the decision to enroll for ECBA certification training with Adaptive processes. I really enjoyed the classes, teachings and learning from the classes. It really helped us in not only getting prepared for the ECBA certification but also helped to grab the concepts related to business analysis tools techniques and skill. I would like to thank you for the excellent class and the care you personally took to teach all of us.

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Akanksha Mishra

I have been searching for a way to get certified in Business Analysis for a long time. I have taken courses in the past but no one offers the breadth of knowledge, resources, and support like Adaptive Process has. I have only been in the program for a few months and I am already a certified ECBA and I am getting ready to go for the CCBA within the next week. They always respond to my questions in a timely manner, no matter what time of day it is, and they are proactive in sharing resources that help you get prepared for the exams. I recommend this program wholeheartedly to any person looking to achieve certification from the IIBA. Adaptive Process Rocks!!! #5stars

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Lawrence Smith
CCBA Business Analyst / Econolec Electric Company /New Jersey/USA

Training material was what I expected, instructor kept me engaged, size of group was appropriate and presentations were clear.


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Ray Mckor

The best workshop,I have ever attended. Great Mentor & very supportive to achieve my goal. Thanks for all the support.

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Sudesna Banerjee
Process Design & Engineering and Business Analysis / Save the Water (STW™) /North Carolina/United States

My experience is really good. I purchased ECBA question bank from Adaptive before appearing for the exam. I practiced it thoughly. It is really good and fruitful. It really helped me in clearing my exam. Ananya Pani and LN Mishra from Adaptive are really helpful. Thank you Adaptive


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Kirtan Patel
Seeking Junior Business Analyst / XcelHR Requirements Inc. /Washington/United States

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