How to choose the right stakeholder management technique?

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Apr 27, 2018 12:00:00 AM

How to choose stakeholder management technique

BABoK mentions 5 stakeholder management techniques.  They are:

  1. Stakeholder list
  2. Stakeholder map
  3. Onion diagram
  4. RACI matrix
  5. Persona

It, unfortunately, does not tell us another very powerful stakeholder management technique, the 6th one, the Stakeholder charter, explicitly.

As business analysts, we must understand the usage of the above stakeholder management techniques. They are as below:

Stakeholder matrix        

The stakeholder matrix is the technique to plan our day-to-day coordination. It contains details about each key stakeholder and stakeholder group with their contact details, availability, expected involvement, actual involvement, etc.

Stakeholder map 

Drives our strategy for engagement. This will usually be at a stakeholder group level.  Stakeholders with high influence, high interest, and negative bias are the most crucial ones to engage.

Onion diagram

Strategy for communication – This usually, again, will be at a stakeholder group level. The core stakeholder group, the higher the frequency of communication.  The frequency of communication can vary on a daily basis to as long as a quarter year.

RACI matrix           

Helpful in assigning responsibilities. Defines who is responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed about a deliverable or task.

IIBA Certification


Helpful in providing a human face to a customer group.

Stakeholder charter

Setting up stakeholder expectations. This defines terms of engagement among all stakeholders.

I have summarized the techniques in the following table:

# Technique Usage
1 Stakeholder list All your planning and day-to-day co-ordination – Stakeholders mentioned individually when they are important

Also, for planning stakeholder communication

2 Stakeholder map Strategy for engagement – This will be at a stakeholder group level
3 Onion diagram Strategy for communication – This will be at a stakeholder group level
4 RACI matrix Helpful in assigning responsibilities - This possibly can be combined with a stakeholder list
5 Persona Helpful in providing a human face to a user group
6 Stakeholder charter (Not explicitly mentioned in BABoK) Setting up stakeholder expectations regarding their commitments, ways to work together

This is a work in progress and not meant to be perfect and can definitely be improved.

I would encourage my BA friends to contribute to this list so that we can make it an exhaustive list.

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