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How to handle aggressive stakeholders

Image of LN Mishra, CBAP, CBDA, AAC & CCA

Often as business analysts we come across stakeholders who are very aggressive. Since stakeholders usually belong to the sponsoring organization, they have perceived superior attitude. They may force requirements when it is not possible to implement the requirements given resources and timeline.

Why do stakeholders behave in a way which is not desirable? It is because they HAVE NOT been told how they should behave.

How can we do that? A simple technique. Create and share "Stakeholder charter" which sets the rules for stakeholder engagement. A sample stakeholder charter can be:

  • All stakeholders will deal with all stakeholders in a dignified professional manner, treat each other with civility and respect.
  • To carry out activities as per project scope.
  • All stakeholders agree to listen and be open to diverse points of view expressed by other participants.
  • Needs beyond project scope can be discussed and agreed by Steering committee.
  • Respect time of each stakeholder.
  • All stakeholders agree to provide other stakeholders with the level of commitment and support expected in terms of time and effort minimum 2 weeks in advance.
  • As an effective team, all stakeholders agree that the issues will be judged on the merit of the issues only.
  • All stakeholders will co-operate and support each other to make the project a success.
  • All stakeholders shall raise any concerns about the project or the process with an open and timely manner.
  • All stakeholders agree to attend all review meetings.
  • In case they are unable to attend, nominate a representative.
  • All stakeholders agree to provide approval/objection to the requests within 1 week.
  • Meeting if need to be re-scheduled should be done at least 3 days in advance.


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