Robert P. Churchill, CBAP, PMP, CSPO, CSM, CSD

Member of IIBA and is an active speaker at  IIBA Pittsburgh Chapter, IIBA DC Chapter.

Experienced process analyst who has completed analysis, architecture, development, simulation, modeling, control system, and business process re-engineering projects at over 80 facilities worldwide


Robert P. Churchill has combined mechanical and software engineering skills to build and use continuous and discrete-event computer simulation systems for nearly 30 years. He served in a vendor or consultant role in every life cycle phase in the fields of pulp and paper, nuclear power, document imaging, insurance, metals, HVAC, inspections, medical practices, security, evacuation, emergency response, logistics, and maintenance and reliability. He’s been a developer, architect, field engineer, data collector, IV&V agent, manager, and analyst on the desktop, networked, and high-performance computing (HPC) platforms. He has built real-time, interactive, and fire-and-forget systems for analysis, design, process improvement, industrial control, operations research, and operator training.


SelfBusiness Analyst, Simulation Developer, Web Developer


Company Name - Self

Dates Employed2015 – Present

Employment Duration - 5 yrs

Location - Orlando, Florida Area



Refreshed and extended development, analysis, communication, and leadership skills through research, courses, books, meetups, Scrum and CBAP certifications, and website at rpchurchill.com.
• Gave numerous presentations to audiences of business analysts and JavaScript programmers.
• Served as volunteer mentor, consultant, and programmer.
• Wrote case-based questions to add to training materials provided by Adaptive US to train CBAP certification candidates. Adaptive US (https://adaptiveus.com/) is now the world's leading trainer of Business Analysts seeking IIBA certificates.
• Website, classes, and blog posts have involved extensive use of the following tools, languages, and frameworks on Windows 10 PCs, Linux web servers, and occasionally a MacBook Pro.
-Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 canvas element, JavaScript graphics and animations, Three.js and WebGL, PHP, MySql, XML/AJAX/JSON, Sass/SCSS, Node.js, Tableau, R, Python.
-IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, Eclipse, Notepad++, Debuggers in Firefox and Chrome, Brackets, Sublime Text, Jupyter Notebook, Anaconda, Spyder, R Studio.
-WordPress, phpBB, and numerous media tools and utilities.



Universal Studios, OrlandoBusiness Analyst, Software Reverse Engineer

Company Name - Universal Studios, Orlando

Dates Employed - Jun 2018 – Dec 2018

Employment Duration - 7 mos

Location - Orlando, Florida Area

Employed under contract through Hays
Supported Scrum teams by applying knowledge of software engineering, management, governance, and configuration to document and improve microservices-based software stack and related DevOps processes.
• Documented process flows, CI/CD pipeline, and elements of end-to-end DevOps environment.
• Identified opportunities to improve software architecture, debugging and failure response procedures, documentation, and training.
• Designed unified interfaces for crowdsourcing detailed documentation of code and related data and communication flows, improving real-time situational awareness of the entire functional stack, and organizing documentation and support materials for all working systems.
• Reverse engineered software operations in multiple languages, but primarily in Node.js and the Loopback and Bluebird Promise libraries.
• Proposed and prepared demo for automated generation of animation of all process flows in a way that showed messages, data items, input parameters, and return values.

Reverse engineered microservices code in Node.js and front ends in HTML/JavaScript, iOS, and Android.


Regal Decision Systems, RTR TechnologiesOperations Research Analyst, Business Analyst, Software Engineer, Simulation Developer


Company Name - Regal Decision Systems, RTR Technologies

Dates Employed - 2002 – 2015

Employment Duration - 13 yrs

Location - Baltimore/DC Metro Area


RTR split from Regal Decision Systems
Applied elicitation, discovery, data collection, domain knowledge, software engineering, architecture, design, communication, and process analysis skills as part of Agile and Scrum teams to create and use process simulations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.