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10/24/18 12:00 AM

1.     Prepare a great resume; see here how to avoid some of the silly mistakes in a resume. A visual resume is also a great idea to show the information in a visual and yet most effective manner, see a post on how to make a visual resume.

2.     Be honest about what you write in the resume. Know all details what’s written in the resume.

3.     Research on the company that you are being interviewed for, their products/services/offerings, geography, market position, strengths etc.

4.     Understand the job role and expectations of the role for which you are being interviewed for. Map your strengths to the job expectations. If you lack any particular strength, plan how you can overcome the same.

5.     Know your strengths well and don’t try to just remember that for the interview. Believe in that and know what it means in you and how does it add value. Prepare story around it on how it has added value in the past in your work history.

6.     Know your industry fairly well and most importantly learn the terms associated with the industry. Know the big players in your industry and their work/contribution/latest developments.

7.     If you have been informed about the customer of the organization then gather info about them as well (their products/services/offerings, geography, market position, strengths) and what problem your project is going to solve for the customer.

8.     Most importantly how you fit the role and what value do you bring with yourself. How have you added value to your assignments in the past? In short your selling points/how you are best fitted for the position.

9.     Prepare for common interview questions.

10. Prepare your questions for the interviewer.

11. Try to do a mock interview with a friend or record your responses and listen to find out things you can improve. Or ask a senior or an experienced person to provide feedback on your mock interview.

12. Be well dressed; don’t try to be overly dressed or let the flashy color of your shirt take away all attention of the interviewer from you.

13. Know the location well, be there 30 minutes prior to schedule.

14. Once there try to gather any other info you can about the company from the marketing info on display and share that with the interviewer at a right time

15. If you are not sure of an answer, let the interviewer know that this is your perception which may or may not be correct.

16. Be confident during the interview and let that be visible in you.

17. Know that by being called for an interview, you already have a 50% chance of success.

18. Last and most important, you know that you need that job most desperately, but don’t show that desperation. The company needs an employee as much as you need a job.

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