Adaptive US & Bridging the Gap, in a Strategic Worldwide Partnership

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6/16/18 12:00 AM



June 16, 2018: Adaptive US and Bridging the Gap recently announced a strategic worldwide partnership. Both businesses have successfully operated in the business analysis training & certification sector for some time and each felt the two could augment each other’s strengths, as well as explore new business development activities.

Bridging the Gap has supported more than 1000 professionals by enhancing their business analyst skill set in the decade since they formed in 2008. Their instructors are all certified CBAP or CCBA with current work experience in the business analysis field. Adaptive US is the largest BA publisher and assessments provider in the world and an EEP of IIBA in Canada. They currently have more than 1250+ certified BA professionals. Adaptive US has conducted more than 500 BA workshops and trained upward of 10000 BA professionals. The partnership between the two is a strong strategic fit, leveraging the two companies’ respective strengths in the field of Business Analysis.

Adaptive US and Bridging the Gap will promote one another’s products. The newly formed partnership presents a powerful, expert proposition to individuals who want to pursue business analysis as a career. Co-founder of Adaptive US, Ananya Pani stated, “We are extremely excited about our partnership with Bridging the Gap. With this collaboration, we can provide customers for both companies to expand their BA credentials and capabilities. Bridging the Gap has been the world’s most admired BA competency development organization and Adaptive is emerging as the most preferred training provider for IIBA certifications.”

Individuals interested in BA assessments, workshops and training are encouraged to visit the Adaptive US website or call 877-872-2860.

About Adaptive US: Adaptive US  was founded to provide BA assessments and publications for professionals and companies. They continue to provide essential customized training programs to companies and individuals online.

Company: Adaptive US

Phone: 877-872-2860


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