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Recently I met one of my client place colleagues who manages team size of 150.

When I spoke to him on BABoK, he was quite excited.

When he heard the size of BABoK, his enthusiasm dampened quite a lot.

His immediate request was, can you provide me with a concise document that will work as

a refresher for me?

I have been working as a Software Delivery Manager and the basics are known to me.

Then it got me to think what can be a good solution to the issue.

BABoK V3 is a vast improvement over BABoK V2.

It has close to 100% additional content, many new techniques added.

At the same time, it take lots more preparation from anyone to understand BABoK v3,

mainly because of the added content.

Is there a way a busy executive can get a gist of BABoK V3?

This prompted me to develop a real compact guide on BABoK V3.

Essential BABoK V3 is 95% BABoK V3 concepts with just 30% of BABoK V3 volume.

Do give your suggestions and feedbacks on our latest book.

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