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    CBAP Exam Pattern |      Get Free 50 CBAP Mock Questions

    Written by:             Published on: May 17, 2018 12:00:00 AM

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    CBAP Exam Pattern is as follows:

    • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition -30%
    • Strategy Analysis -15%
    • Requirements Life Cycle Management – 15%
    • Solution Evaluation -14%
    • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring – 14%
    • Elicitation and Collaboration – 12%
    • 3.5 hours long exam
    • 120 multiple choice questions.
    • The questions are longer cases (1 to 1.5 Pages of information)
    • Multiple questions about the case
    • It is competency-based and aligned with BABOK® Guide Version 3.

    CBAP Exam Pattern

    What to expect in CBAP Certification Exam?

    • Questions will be a mix of case and scenario based questions
    • There will be some questions on mathematical calculations like ROI etc
    • There will be 4/5 questions on a single case
    • Scenarios are short cases

    What not to expect in CBAP Certification Exam

    • Do not expect questions straight from BABoK from input, output, techniques etc
    • Do not expect the exam to be easy
    • Do not expect to have the luxury of time
    • Do not expect to pass CBAP certification exam without having adequate experience as a business analyst.

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    CBAP Exam location/ Mode: The CBAP exam is conducted in the PSI test center available in all major global cities and can also be taken from home (online remote proctored).







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