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So here we are back with our CBAP model question again:


CBAP Exam Question


Along with the question of the day we will also share one tips or information related to the CBAP exam as well.


CBAP Preparation FAQs:


Question –


I have only 1.5 years experience as a business analyst in my current organization where as I have 7+ years of business analysis experience in the last 10 years of my career, but I dont have any letter of reference from my previous organization as having worked as a BA. How do I showcase the experience for the application filing process


Answer –


You dont need any letter of reference from your previous organization having worked as a BA, but you need to showcase that experience in your application for CBAP in IIBA. You would also need 2 references from your career manager/client/another CBAP for your application filing process.


Question –


Whats the best time to appear for the CBAP certification exam after completing the training


Answer –


We suggest to go for the CBAP certification exam after 1/1.5 months of preparation after the training.


Question –


Whats the best way to prepare for CBAP certification examination after the training




  1. Go through the CBAP study guide at least 4/5 times – CBAP Sample Study Guide
  2. Watch the youtube class videos – CBAP Sample Class Video
  3. Solve the concept questions.
  4. Solve the warm up questions.
  5. Move on to drill/scenario based questions.
  6. Then to case based questions.
  7. Finally simulation questions - CBAP Sample Question Bank
  8. Go for the exam when you are good with the concepts since the case based questions test your business analysis concepts.


Take a look at the sample course material over here;


The Adaptive learning platform is loaded with 1000+ questions for taking the participant through a gradual process of learning with Concept questions -> Warm up questions ->Drill questions -> Case-based questions – > Simulation tests.


This process enhances learning and clarity of concepts, which ultimately helps the professional to be a better business analyst end of the day.


See a small video on the learning platform here -


The learning should be based on concepts/skills and should ultimately help anyone in their day to day job rather than only getting a certificate.


Learn with Adaptive Processes to be a better business analyst while getting CBAP Training.


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