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12/12/17 12:00 AM

CBAP is a very valuable credential for any business analyst to progress in his/her career.

IIBA requires all CBAP holders to go for CBAP certification renewal after every 3 years. It is a lot easier to get one's CBAP certification renewed than re-writing the CBAP test.

Adaptive US will refund your entire payment if your recertification is unsuccessful for any reason.

CBAP certificate renewal requires 60 CDUs to be submitted.

IIBA has set certain criteria to fulfill these CDU requirements.

Adaptive US can help you to acquire the following CDUs:

CBAP Certification Renewal

Category Activity Value Suggested course/action from Adaptive CDU’s to be obtained
Professional Activity Max. 30 CDUs per 3 yr cycle Aspirant has to write a blog on business analysis. Adaptive experts will review and publish the same on the Adaptive website. 30 CDU
Self-Directed Learning Max. 15 CDUs per 3 yr cycle CBDA e-learning  15 CDU
Professional Experience Max. 25 CDUs per 3 yr cycle

You can demonstrate your last 3 years BA experience for this - 1000 hours of business analysis work experience aligned with the BABOK guide qualifies for 5 CDUs

15 CDU


Once the above activities are complete, then follow this process to complete the re-certification formalities:

  1. Complete the CBAP CDU Reporting Form 
  2. Complete the CBAP Re-certification Application form, attaching your completed CDU reporting form to it
  3. Pay $85 for members / $120 non-members towards re-certification - To be paid by the candidate

IIBA must receive the CBAP recipient’s re-certification application package including payment by their certification expiration date.

If re-certification is declined for any reason, IIBA shall send a decline notice.

CBAP Recertification contains:

  • Learning videos on Data Analytics
  • CBDA Study Guide based
  • Support for 1 BA article
  • 6 months access to the learning portal

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