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IIBA CBAP Re-certification Product

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CBAP Recertification 

  • IIBA - CBDA (Certification in Business Data Analytics) Self Learning comprising of

    • 15 IIBA CDUs
    • 485+ questions
    • 4 simulations
    • 14+ e-Learning Videos
    • CBDA Study guide
    • Mind maps, Audiobooks, Flashcards
    • Prep Plan, Tips
    • Past Session Recordings
  • Support for review and publication of 1 article on business analysis (30 CDUs)

  • 180 days of access to the learning portal

  • Participant needs to showcase 15 CDUs as part of business analysis work experience performed during the three-year cycle

Terms and conditions

The CBAP Recertification is going to be system-based access for 1 user only.

Access to the CBAP Recertification will be given within 1 business day of purchase of the product.

If the access is not provided within the stipulated time then please email