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Certified business analysis Professional (CBAP®) is the 3rd level certification provided by International Institute of business analysis (IIBA®), Canada (www.IIBA.org).

It is the world's most recognized certification for business analysts.

Following are some of the benefits of becoming a CBAP® :

  • Be recognized for your competency in business analysis.
  • BA is the fastest growing career opportunity for IT professionals.
  • People with domain experience can move into IT sector by becoming a business analyst.
  • Better job prospects.
  • Better salary - Certified business analysts earn 15% higher than those who are not certified.

 Target Audience for CBAP®

  • CBAP® examination targets following audience:
  • Seasoned BAs
  • BA Consultants
  • Trainers

 Eligibility for CBAP®

  • Minimum 7500 hours of Business analysis-related work in the last 10 years
  • Professional development: 35 hours of verifiable BABOK® coursework in the last 4 years. Adaptive US is an authorized EEP of IIBA®, its training provides desired PDUs for CBAP® certification examination.
  • References: 2 references from a career manager, client (internal or external) or CBAP®, 1 must be current.
  • Minimum 900 hours in each of 4 knowledge areas.
  • Signed code of conduct.


Pass CBAP Exam Pass CBAP Exam


CBAP® Question pattern

  • Case and scenario based examination.
  • Longer cases (1.5 - 2 pages) of information
  • Multiple questions about the case
  • Single choice answers
  • 120 questions
  • 3.5 hours

                            Examination weightage – KA wise

Domain % Distribution
BA planning and monitoring 14%
Elicitation and collaboration 12%
Requirements life cycle management 15%
Strategy analysis 15%
Requirements analysis and design definition 30%
Solution evaluation 14%

 Additional Information

  • The application expires within 1 year from approval
  • 3 exams can be taken within a year without any waiting time in between

 Certification process

  • Take training from an established CBAP Certification training institute. Adaptive US (AdaptiveUS.com) is an endorsed education provider of IIBA certification training.
  • Become an IIBA® member at IIBA.org.
  • Benefits include free, unlimited access to BABOK® and 500+ online books, local, national and international networking opportunities and the ability to influence the growth and direction of the business analysis profession.
  • Revise class recordings and study Adaptive Study Guide.
  • Practice all model questions provided by your training partner.
  • Download BABOK® and start reading.
  • Join a study group, or start one.
  • Begin preparing for the application.

 Preparing application

  • Begin application at least 2 weeks before you plan to apply.
  • It can take anywhere from 6-10 hours to complete.
  • Download and use Adaptive business analysis experience calculator.
  • Apply within 6 months of when you plan to write.



Pass CBAP Exam Pass CBAP Exam


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