Business Analysts : The Business Accelerator of the Organization

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8/29/17 12:00 AM

Who is a BA - 

BA as we all professionals know stand for Business Analyst, one who performs /takes active part in requirements elicitation, requirements management, modeling the system requirements, acts as a bridge between the stakeholders and the development/technical team, ensuring that the requirements are documented, understood and implemented correctly, UAT, implementation of systems, end-user training, and implementation support etc.


But at a point when I was watching BA professionals closely over the years in our organization as well as in client/partner organizations, discovered another aspect to this profession apart from what is mentioned above.


Business analysts are someone who gets to know the product really well, understand the features, reports etc thoroughly.


This is required since they talk to users/customers/stakeholders to gather requirements, change requests, enhancements.


In some cases, they work with the sales and pre-sales team to prepare RFP/RFI/Proposals.


During the entire process, they become the brand ambassador for the product line that they belong to.


In the entire process they beautifully transform to sales professional, knowing the product well, the customer’s pain points, needs etc.


Knowing the product well, having exposure to sales techniques and process BAs are the next Brand Ambassador and Business Accelerator for your organization.


There are many wonderful examples of the BA transitioning to Business Accelerator and doing a wonderful job.


To all my Business analyst friends out there when you talk about career opportunity please consider this option of career opportunity as well, for more options of career opportunity see Enough of analysis what next


Would like to hear from the entire BA community.


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