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Business Analysis Workbook based on BABoK V3

Image of LN Mishra
LN Mishra

We are delighted to announce the worldwide release of our new publication Business Analysis Workbook based on BABoK V3.

This is possibly the world's first business analysis workbook based on BABoK V3.

Key features of this book are:

  • A practice book for the aspirants of the CBAP®, CCBA®, ECBATM examination from IIBA, Canada to master BABoK® concepts
  • Prompts users to reinforce BABoK® concepts through exercises and questions
  • Provides pointers for essential aspects of all knowledge areas
  • Contains 30 study tables related to tasks in knowledge areas prompting users to recall and write
  • Contents are fully aligned to BABoK® V3.0
  • Authors are certified CBAPs® who are part of IIBA exam setting committee
  • Downloadable and printable copy

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