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How to become a Business Analyst from a Business Process Analyst

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A lot of business process analysts aspire to be BAs. Is that the right career move? How similar and how dissimilar are these two professions? Let’s explore.

A Business Process Analysis (BPA) is a special Business Analyst Role that involves “thinking processes”. BPAs model and analyze business processes. They use the process/workflow software to create process models that can be simulated, analyzed, and even executed directly by the business. The BPAs help the BAs in decision making by modeling/simulating “what-if” scenarios. BPAs focus on improving the efficiencies of business processes.

Business analysts look at business problems and opportunities and suggest suitable solutions to achieve them. Often, achieving business goals require the improvement of business processes and automating business processes. Business analysts are closure to the development team to develop technological solutions. 

To summarize, a BPA is typically focused on activities occurring outside of an automated system.  Automation is often an integral part of a BA’s role. BPAs need to learn tools on system modeling, data modeling apart from process modeling. Business Process Analysis acts as a perfect stepping stone for the Business Analyst profession.

Here is a summary of the similarities and differences between BPA & BA.


A couple of years of experience as a Business Process Analyst while learning the other skill sets which a BA needs will surely help in stepping up to a Business Analyst role. Moving to a BA role is a very natural progression for a BPA.

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